Monday, February 3, 2014

Life Is About Your Perspective And What You Make Of It.

I have problems, you have problems, we all have problems right? I feel one of the biggest mistakes that a person can make is comparing their problems to those of the next person. My problems are no greater than yours, nor are yours any greater than mine. Some people control their circumstances, while others allow their circumstances to dictate all aspects of their lives. Most of us have heard the saying; "life is what you make it" right? Well, due to several factors currently happening with people that I know, I've been thinking quite a bit about the "life is what you make it" statement. As always, when something weighs fairly heavily on my mind, I have to come on here and write about it ya digg! What up peeps? This is Brad H. back at you once again, and thanks for joining me on this installment of 'Brad H's. Perspective'.

Alright, so we're back at it once again. Hopefully by now you've noticed that I've titled this blog post 'Life Is About Your Perspective And What You Make Of It'. Before going any further, I realize that most of us pay little to no attention to these so-called "comfort cliches". Call me naive or whatever, but I just happen to believe that some of these small cliches that so many of us tend to take for granted can have an effect on our lives in a positive way. Again, that's just my personal opinion. Now, lets get into the meat of what I'll be discussing this time around. As I mentioned, there have been several reasons as of late why this particular topic has been on my mind. However, the primary reason as to why this topic has weighed on me is because I'm noticing how so many people are allowing the various circumstances they're facing to affect their moods, attitudes, and even their relationships with others.

Now from my personal perspective, I believe that it's time for a bit of self-reflection whenever our circumstances are affecting us in the ways I mentioned in the previous paragraph. No one is perfect, and we all deal with and face trials that bring out both the best and worst within ourselves. If you're a person that isn't totally happy in life or with the circumstances you're currently facing, that alone can be enough to mentally break you down; if you allow it to that is. In my opinion, there's not anything wrong with feeling sad or down because you're facing hardships or tough times. However, I believe that there is only a certain level of happiness that a single person can reach, and we must learn to train our minds to be able to handle those less than ideal circumstances that will eventually come our way.

Some people don't need to train themselves, as they're naturally able to face whatever comes at them with conviction. However, for those of us that struggle with our circumstances at times, it is indeed true that life is all about our perspective and how we view things. There's this skit on one of my favorite hip-hop groups (Panacea) album titled 'Thinking Back Looking Forward'. The name of the skit is titled 'Whole World To See'. During the skit, there is a woman talking to a man about how she has never left the village she lives in, and how she must be missing so much out there in the world. What I gathered was that she was in a rough place being stuck in the village. The man replied back to her and says; "Not really. The sky is the sky wherever you go, people are people, always waking you up from a good nap." You're probably wondering how this skit relates to this topic that I'm writing about. Well, what I took from the skit is that the man was trying to tell the woman that she really isn't missing anything beyond where she lives, and that her personal view on life is what determines her happiness. There's a bit of a comedic and lightheartedness element to the skit, but I think there was an undertone in it.

The main and obvious point that I want to make from all of this is that life is really what you make it, and that you don't have to allow whatever circumstances you're dealing with to control or define you. You can always view your life as being bad, but always remember that no matter how bad you believe things are, there's always a possibility that your circumstances can get worse. Furthermore, there's always someone out there that's maybe doing worse than you are, and would trade places with you in a second. It's all about your perspective. Everyone has problems, but it's all about how we view them, and how we choose to handle them.

Well that's it for this edition of 'Brad H's. Perspective'. As with all of my posts, everything that I've written about applies to myself. It's only to be viewed as informative advice that you can use however you see fit. Whether you found it useful or not, I still appreciate you stopping by to check me out. Alright I'm signing out, so I'll see you in the next posting. Peace!

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