Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Not About Having Time, It's About Making Time.

"Hey man, how's it going? Haven't heard from you in a while." "Oh I'm doing good man, just been busy." How many times have we heard conversations that started off that way? None of us could probably count how many times we've heard conversations that start off that way. If you're someone that wants to prove me wrong in that point and find yourself unable to, don't feel bad; it's really not all that surprising to frequently hear the phrase "I've been busy." Now besides these words not being unusual nor surprising, they're really both understandable and justifiable words at times. People in general are busier now more than ever in today's hectic world. But, and you know I'm gonna take it there, can a person really be too busy? Do we really have the time, and just don't make it for certain things and people? When these kinds of questions come to mind, it means that it's time for another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'.

So for this week's post, we'll be talking about time and the lack of it that so many of us claim to not have. As I mentioned earlier, I believe it's totally understandable for the average person to not have time for everything or everyone. In all honesty, it's just not feasible for a person to have the necessary time for everything or everyone. Any person that attempts to make time for everything and everyone in their lives will likely end up working their mind to the verge of insanity. I commend anyone who makes the effort, but taking on such an endeavor would be the equivalent of giving someone like Usain Bolt a head start in foot race. If you're not familiar with who Usain Bolt is, I'll just summarize by saying that it would definitely be an uphill battle in such a scenario.

I'm one of those people that believes that some of us use time and the so called lack of it as an excuse at times. I'm not even going to say that I haven't used this tactic before, but with growing in age and wisdom, I've come to realize that for as long as we're breathing, there always have an adequate amount of time. The problem is that many of us don't make time for those invaluable things in life that should be cherished, but we'd rather resort to using excuses in order to justify not making the necessary time for those things. One of the easiest examples that I can think of, and I'm sure some of you have heard this one before; "I don't have time to exercise or workout." I'm certain that you've heard someone say that before right? It's not my business what anyone else does with their life, but if a person has time to gossip or watch television all the time, then they likely have a little time to exercise. In that kind of scenario, exercise just isn't a priority for that individual.

Although the exercise example is just one example of many that could be used, it is a fact that we as people justify many of our shortcomings with excuses. The excuses that we use become a defense mechanism, which in turn gives us a false sense of comfort. Basically, we use excuses as a way to feel better about ourselves, even when in our minds we know we haven't always done the right thing. Now you're probably wondering what does any of this have to do with the topic of this post. Well, many of us claim that we don't have time for certain things or people in life; that is until we need them, or something bad happens. I always say that it shouldn't take anything bad happening to someone that is a close friend or relative to bring you closer to them. However, that unfortunately is the case with so many people today.

The main point that I want to get across this week is that if you're a person that tells someone who cares about you that you're too busy for them, then you probably don't deserve to have them in your life. Although life's priorities are important and time consuming, they should never deter you from maintaining close relationships with others. A person always make time for the things they consider to be important to them, and if you're not making time for someone who cares for you, then you maybe should reconsider your priorities in life. Keep in mind that you only have one life to live, so taking care of your health and making time for your family and friends should always fit somewhere in your life.

Well that's it for this week's edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'. As with all of my posts, everything that I mentioned applies to myself. Anything written here is only intended to be viewed as informative advice that you can either use or not. Whether you found it informative or useful, I thank you for taking out the time to check me out. Alright then, I'm signing off for this week. Peace out folks, and remember that life is not about having time, but making time.

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