Saturday, September 16, 2017

Everything You May Want In This World Isn't For You (Knowing Exactly What You Want).

We all have things that we want out of this life that we're living right? Whether it's to have the perfect partner or spouse, the white picket fence or a lot of money, we all have things that we want to accomplish while we're here. Some people know exactly what they want out of life, while there are others that somewhat straddle the fence when it comes to wanting things. You know how some people believe that there is something they want, but later realize that what they thought they wanted was really not what they wanted? Hopefully that makes some sense, but in short, we as humans are often indecisive about certain things in life. One day we may feel a certain way about something, and then the next we feel the opposite. One of the things that I've often talked about on here is how so many of us compare our lives to everyone else. Often times, not always, many people use the lives of others as a basis for what they believe they want in life. So we often look at what others have and in turn, we think the things they have will bring us the same kind of happiness that they seem to be experiencing. While that may be the truth in certain cases and scenarios, I generally believe that interpreting what you want in this world through the eyes of others isn't a good thing. As I stated, we all want things out of life, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, something to also keep in mind is that everything that you may think you want in this world may not be for you.

Hello once again to everyone out there. It is me Brad H. back once again, and I'd like to welcome you all to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! I hope that everyone has been doing well and staying up since the last time we met up on here. If that hasn't been the case for any of you, just continue to keep on holding your head up and believe that things can and will get better. That is something that I have to tell myself often as well. So there are quite a few happenings that have been taking place in the world as of late. I talked a lot about Hurricane Harvey and the effect that it had on Texas in the last topic. Since then, we saw another devastating hurricane named Irma hit the state of Florida. Not only Florida, Irma totally destroyed many parts of the islands south of the U.S. mainland. In my personal opinion, this has been one of the craziest hurricane seasons that I've ever seen. The thing that is even more worrisome is that hurricane season is nowhere close to being over with, and there are storms still forming in the Atlantic right now. I guess I just want to use my soapbox this week to piggyback off of last week's topic of being resilient. There isn't anything that any of us can do to prevent these storms from forming, but what we can do is prepare for them as best we can. The biggest thing I would suggest is to try and stay informed on what is happening in the ocean in regards to when storms are beginning to form. The days of relying on the news to tell us exactly what is going on and when to prepare are pretty much nonexistent now, so we have to always be aware of what is going on. My thoughts go out to everyone that was affected by Irma, as well as those still feeling the after effect of Hurricane Harvey. Stay resilient everyone. Alright, now it is time to get into this week's topic of how everything you may want in this world isn't for you.

Now that I've gotten on the weekly soapbox, it's time for the normal disclaimer that I give before going into the topic for the week. We all have different views and opinions when it comes to life. The primary mission here is not to focus or give credence to what is right or wrong, but rather to give inspiration to others that will hopefully encourage people to view a topic in a manner which they may not have thought of before. I'm just one person with an opinion, so I don't expect everyone to see things the same way that I do. Any feedback or thoughts that anyone has is always welcome here. As I've stated plenty of times before, I see this as platform where we're all here to learn from one another. So as to how this topic came to be, I would just attribute it to another one of the many things that I think about on a regular basis. I think that there are so many of us out there that often focus primarily on the pros when it comes to the things we want in life. Since we put so much emphasis on the potential good that comes from things, I think we don't always see that there is also bad that can potentially come from the things we desire. Because I have the belief that everything has pros and cons, I think that everything that we may want or think we want may be good for isn't always. Again, this isn't to discourage anyone from pursuing anything that they're interested in, just something to hopefully give some thought to.

So as we have already established, we all have things that we want and desire in life. Another thing that we should all be aware by now is that life isn't always fair. This is something that can be hard for some to accept, especially when we're younger and don't fully have a grasp on how life works. So with knowing that life isn't fair, the idea or belief that everything we want should be ours isn't always true. However, there are some of us that still hopelessly chase after the things we believe that we want, and some of us continue to do this even when the very things we want continue to elude us. A prime example that most of us, especially guys can relate to deals with women. I'd say that at least 99.9% of us men have had a woman that we really liked, but she continued to not be within our grasp. She may have told you straight up that she wasn't interested, or she may have even played hard to get, but we still felt like there was something we could do to get her to admire her in the same manner that we do her. Some people say that persistence pays off, and I do believe that is true in the majority of cases. However, excessive persistence without ever seeing the results that you desire should be a sign that maybe what you believe that you want isn't for you. So in the example of chasing after a girl, the fact that she didn't share the same sentiments as you probably means that she isn't the one for you. This same ideology goes for anything else in life as well. Everything that you believe is for you isn't.

Now there are several ways I believe of handling being able to accept that some things in life aren't for you. The biggest thing that I want to bring up deals with changing your mindset. Those of you that often read my posts already know that I talk about the mind and how it is important to focus on adapting it to adjust to life changes. I believe that the main reason that many of us struggle with believing that everything that we want is for us comes from the fact that many of us don't know exactly what we want. This is exactly why I've said the words "think we may want" several times throughout this post. The fact is that many of us don't know exactly what we want, which means that we're often chasing after a lot of the wrong things. When you're chasing after the wrong things, you're likely never going to get back the results your hoping for. As I've alluded to, we all have had disappointments and setbacks when it came to something that we wanted. It is normal and okay to feel disappointed when something doesn't go our way, but instead of focusing on the cons that came with that disappointment, focus on the pros that came with it. Again, I believe there are pros and cons to everything, and that applies as well it comes to disappointments and heartache. It is difficult to see that when you're in the midst of that setback, but it something that comes to light in due time.

Besides just informing others that everything that you want in this world isn't for you, I want us as people, including myself to change our mindsets and figure out exactly what you want in this world. No one is perfect, and I do believe that the journey to finding out exactly who you are and what you want is a constant one. However, if you find yourself and learn exactly what you want in this life, you'll do a better job at preventing yourself from experiencing disappointments. Because you know who you are and exactly what you want, you'll know exactly the things and people to go after in your life. Again, I want to reiterate that this doesn't guarantee that you'll never experience disappointment. Life is always unpredictable and changing, so nothing is guaranteed. However, I do believe that we can do much better at avoiding disappointments when you find ourselves and know exactly what we want. The quote that I came across that I think goes well with this topic comes from the telephone man, Alexander Graham Bell. I think it's a pretty good one and goes; "What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists...and it becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know exactly what you want...and are fully determined not to quit until you get it."

Well we have once again arrived at the end of another topic. Thank you all to those of you that stopped by for another installment of 'Brad H's Perspective'! As I always say before signing off, I hope that there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this topic. Hopefully some of you can relate, and it gives you a bit of inspiration. The weekend is here, so hope everyone does something fun. Also, I know I haven't mentioned anything NFL related, but the hurricanes have kinda overshadowed that. Life is all about priorities, so the safety and recovery of our fellow man are far more important than sports. But for those of you that are football fans, I hope you enjoy the second week of the NFL this weekend. I know that I most certainly will. Alright, I'm out for this week, so I'll see you all in the next one. Till then, I wish you all the best. Peace!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Resiliency Is Our Natural State (We're Here To Rise And Overcome).

Lets be real here; every single one of us that is breathing at this moment have had obstacles and hurdles to overcome in our lives. There may have been times where we've faced various circumstances that may have tested us, but didn't break us to the point where we didn't feel that we'd overcome them. On the flip side, there have also likely been situations that many of us have faced that have totally left our spirits broken for awhile. You know the kind of traumatic situations and circumstances that seem to have no end, and often leave us questioning whether or not we will ever make it through. I think in saying all of that, many of you can probably relate on some level. Getting our lives back on track after facing difficulties can be an extremely daunting task. This also varies and depends on how mentally strong of an individual that you are. There is a word called "resilient" that most people use when it comes to overcoming tough times and circumstances. Resilient is defined as the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. Some people tend to have extremely good resilience when it comes to tackling issues, while others level of resiliency may not be at the level where they feel they can overcome those obstacles and hurdles. I've been seeing things as of late that totally confirm to me that every single one of us have a level of resiliency, and as I think about that word even more, I realize that being resilient is our natural state of being.

Hello once again people! It is your guy Brad H. back at you once again with another edition of 'Brad H's Perspective'! I hope that all of you have been maintaining and keeping your heads up since the last topic I discussed. In the last topic that I talked about, I mentioned the unfortunate happenings that have been going on in the United States as of late. I wish that I was talking about something more positive on my soapbox, but that definitely isn't the case for this week either. I'm sure most of you know about the natural disaster that was Hurricane Harvey that made landfall in Texas on three separate occasions. This storm left catastrophic damage to most of the Texas coast. The biggest impact made was in Houston, which we all know is the largest state in Texas. So many residents in Houston and along the Gulf Coast has been impacted negatively by this storm. Some of you may know that I'm a Texas resident myself, and I do live in the Gulf Coast region also. My specific area received a lot of rain and flooding, but nothing major like in Houston and others areas along the gulf. I just want to say to everyone that may not have been affected directly by Harvey to please keep everyone in Texas and along the Gulf Coast in your thoughts and prayers. Even if you weren't affected directly, you probably know someone that was. Keep in mind that Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States, so there are many people that live there and in the surrounding metropolitan areas in Houston. Being that I have family and friends in this region, I know that some people in the areas hit by the storm have been affected personally. So yea, that's pretty much what I wanted to use my soapbox for this week. I wish I could be talking about something less gloomy, however, we all know by now that hardships are part of life. Now it is time to transition into this week's topic of being resilient, and how we're here to rise and overcome.

Now for my normal disclaimer that I give before talking on the topic at hand for the week. We're all aware that we all have different ways of viewing and seeing things. The primary focus on here isn't to focus on what's right or wrong, but rather to offer some inspiration to others that will hopefully inspire them to see a topic in a manner that may not have been thought of before. I don't expect everyone to share in my views or thoughts, and it is totally okay if you happen not to. Whatever feedback and thoughts that anyone may have are always welcome here on this platform. As for how I came to want to talk about resiliency for the week, it's quite simple really. Seeing the devastation that Hurricane Harvey left along Texas is the biggest inspiration for why I want to talk about this topic. After all the stories and videos I've seen and read about how people have come together to help one another through this crises, how can you not believe that we as humans are resilient? Harvey may have been a strong category 4 hurricane when it made landfall, but I know firsthand that the people of Texas are even more stronger. This is an experience that will take time to get over, and it may even be years before certain areas of Texas are back to their normal state. However, I do believe that along with the help and support of everyone in this country, the people of Texas will bounce back and show that resiliency that is being discussed in this week's topic.

So now that we've gotten the definition of resiliency and established what it entails, I want to get more into the kind of qualities I feel people who are resilient exhibit. From my perspective, people who are resilient keep on going until they find a way to conquer the obstacles they're facing. A resilient person in my opinion persevere till the end and doesn't make excuses in my opinion. Seeing things through to their end is what resiliency personifies in my opinion. I know this is fiction, but being that I'm a huge fan of this character, I'm going to use Batman from the film 'The Dark Knight Rises' as an example. After being battered, bruised and broken by the villain in the film, Batman finds a way to come back to Gotham and save his city. People that are resilient throw everything they have at this life, and even when their all isn't enough, they still find a way to get back up and keep on trying. Now do any of these qualities resonate with any of you? I'm almost positive that most of you can identify with these qualities, and there is a reason for that in my opinion. I don't have any scientific proof or evidence of this, but I believe that the reason most if not all you can probably relate is due to my belief that we all have a natural instinct within ourselves to be resilient. I believe that it is our natural state to be resilient, and believe I believe this, I believe that we possess the power to rise and overcome.

So why do I believe that we're naturally resilient and here to rise and overcome? Well, I'm just one of those people that believes in the power of the human spirit and what it can do. When we look back at history, we have seen human-beings that have overcome all kinds of odds and obstacles. There are clearly too many examples to name when it comes to this, but some of you can probably take a look at your own life and think back to something that you may have felt insurmountable, but you still managed to overcome. Think about all the people here in Texas that have been affected by the storm. I'm sure there are many that have lost their homes and livelihoods that feel that they won't be able to get through this right now. It's okay to feel like that for awhile. However, it is in our nature to eventually act and exhibit the resiliency that is necessary to pick ourselves up and keep on moving forward. I may have mentioned this before in a previous entry, but I always like to think about this one particular thing when it comes to getting through the issues that we face in our lives. As I mentioned earlier, just think back to a time when you thought you wouldn't be able to make it through whatever you're facing. If you are here and still going, what does that mean? It means you made it through whatever you were dealing with, and if you can get through whatever it was then, you can also do it now.

Now I want to make sure and say that just because I'm talking about being resilient and the human spirit, that doesn't mean that life can't break us from time to time. There are always going to be times where life is going to throw up for a loop and leave us reeling, and unfortunately, there have been times where some people we broken to the point where they just chose to give it all up. Because we are all different and process things individually, some peoples level of resiliency and belief may vary, and that is okay. The main mission this week is to encourage and inspire everyone to see that we all have something deep within us that makes us want to persevere. So to sum it up for this week, we're all here to rise and overcome the challenges in our lives. We have to have belief that resiliency exists within us at all times. Finally, the people of Texas will rise above the devastation that Hurricane Harvey left us with. As I stated previously, the people of Texas are very strong, and will not allow this incident to keep us down. Now for the quote that I'm going to leave for this week that relates to the topic. The quote comes courtesy of Darwin, and goes; "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most resilient and responsive to change."

Well we have arrived at the end of another entry of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Thank you all to everyone that took out the time to read what I had to say. As I always like to close out with, I hope that there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this topic. I also hope that it gives some encouragement to your everyday life. We have some difficult and rough roads ahead of us, but we can definitely overcome those times together. Lets not allow these trying times to defeat us, but rather empower us to reach deep within to find the strength to conquer them. Alright, I'm signing off for now, so I hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to keep Texas in your thoughts. I'll see you all in the next one. Till then, peace and love to everyone.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Importance Of Owning Every Issue In Your Life.

One of the things that we've all probably done at some point whenever we're in a situation that we find ourselves uncomfortable with is to deflect the attention from ourselves. It is a known fact that rather than confronting an issue head on, it is often more easier to try and deflect the attention from ourselves. We've all done it before right? There are many situations that can be classified as being uncomfortable for us, but the the personal issues that we face in our lives are often the most uncomfortable scenarios that we find ourselves dealing with. Similar to any other issues or situation that we want to deflect from, we often do the same when it comes to the issues in our lives. As I have mentioned in past topics, many of us often choose to rather run from our problems rather than facing them directly. In most instances when we're not facing our problems head on, we are looking to blame others for the issues that plague our lives. This is the focus on emphasis that I want to address in this week's topic; the blaming of others for the shape that our lives are in. Instead of putting every issue in our lives on ourselves, we deflect the blame from ourselves towards other people that we feel have made our lives more difficult. Even if you're in a circumstance where someone has caused problems in your life, the problems that we deal with are still our own. This is why it is important to own every issue that we're facing in our lives.

Here ye, come one come all! How is it going everybody? It is Brad H. back with another topic once again, which means that it is time for another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! As always, I hope that everything has been going great for everyone as of late. In the event that this hasn't been happening for you recently, keep on holding your head up and have belief that things can and will get better. So I'm back for another week to give my perspective on a particular topic that I've been thinking about as of late. Before getting into the topic for the week, I'd like to talk a little bit about the unfortunate happenings taking place in the United States. I'm sure that most if not all of you have heard about the violent incident that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia last week. Condolences and thoughts go to everyone that was negatively affected by what happened. I'm not going to talk about the incident itself, but I want to address the underlying hate that is taking place in our country. Things like racism and bigotry has been happening for centuries now, and I highly doubt that we'll ever get to a point where it stops completely. There are always going to be groups of people that hates or feels superior to other groups of people. I just want to encourage everyone out there to not allow your spirit to give into the negative and hateful acts that are occurring not only stateside, but around the world as well. With so much hatred, suffering and strife taking place everywhere, it becomes much more easier to fall into the pitfalls of negativity happening everywhere. My advice is to focus on filling your heart and minds with so much peace that these negative acts have no bad effect on you. Again, condolences to the lives that were lost during the incident. Alright folks, now that I've gotten on my soapbox, lets go ahead and talk about the topic of owning every issues in your life.

For my normal disclaimer that I give before talking on the topic at hand, I'd like to say that we all have various viewpoints and ways of thinking when it comes to anything. The main focus here isn't to focus on right or wrong, but rather to give a bit of inspiration to others that will hopefully inspire you to see a topic in a manner that you may not have before. Of course I don't expect everyone to have similar views as myself, and it is totally okay if anyone that reads this disagrees with my perspective. This is a platform that welcomes any and everyone, even if there are potentially different views. Thank you to all that stop by. As for some insight into how I came to writing about this particular topic, I'd probably just point to a few conversations that I've had with some people as of late. A few of those talks dealt with how so many of us constantly blame others for the problems that we have. Now it is very true that there are some cases where other people are responsible certain circumstances that we find ourselves in. I'm in no way saying that everything is always our own doing. The mission for this week is to hopefully encourage a change in mindset when it comes to our problems. Much of what I plan on discussing won't apply to many of you. However, if this discussion does happen to resonate within you in some way, I hope it offers a bit of inspiration for you. As always, anything that I mention applies to myself as well.

So as many of us are already aware, as well as me establishing this earlier, many of us look to deflect the issues we deal with towards others. If it's not other people that we're putting it on, we're putting it on the circumstances that we're in. Again, I want to stress that this may not be the case in some instances for some people. That said, from my perspective, there is one key reason why it's not good to put our issues on other people. In my opinion, constant deflection of problems towards others and circumstances can develop into a crutch in our lives. You may ask, "why is this bad?" From my perspective, I see this act as a bad thing because it aids in denying ourselves accountability for our problems. I'm a believer that we can not only hinder ourselves from solving our problems if we do not own them, but it also keeps us from growing mentally as individuals. We are basically training our minds to believe that whenever that we are facing challenging personal issues, we don't have to responsible for them because other people and circumstances are causing them. In my opinion, there is absolutely no way to grow as an individual if you're constantly doing this. This is why it is important to have a shift in our way of thinking. It's not just about blame, it's about growing as a person as well.

Consider this example for minute. Imagine that a person purchases or rents something from a business. Now the time has come for that person to pay for whatever the item is, but a week before having to pay, the person at hand has the money for the item stolen from them. Now this is an example of how circumstances can play a factor right? It may not be the person at hand's fault that their money was stolen, and the business or person that is expecting their money may be sympathetic to what happened. However, do you really think they care a whole lot about the reasons why you can't pay them? Probably not! The incident may not be the person at hand's doing, but it is still their issue right? This person can blame the person that stole from them, or the circumstances their in but at the end of the day, it is still their issue. Being able to accept that it is their issue and owning it will likely allow this person to learn from what happened. If there is something learned from the incident, the probability of being more prepared or preventing something similar happening again in the future becomes greater.

So why is it important that we learn to own every issue in our life? Simply stated, not owning our the problems in our lives keeps us from solving them. This way of thinking is a crutch in our lives because it helps us to deny accountability for the part we play in creating our issues. Real change starts within ourselves first and foremost, so taking a deep look within and owning up to the issues we deal with is the only way to help solve those issues. So for those of us that struggle occasionally or all the time with owning the issues that we face in our lives, we have to work on changing that mentality. Some may agree or disagree, but I believe that the majority of the problems we face are mental. Changing our mindsets and viewing our problems in a different light is a possibility. We just have to be willing to own up to them. That's pretty much all I have to say for this week's topic, so I'm going to go ahead and give the quote for the week that goes along with this week's discussion. The quote I found comes courtesy of Louise L. Haye. It is short and sweet and it reads; "I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves."

Well that is it for this week my folks! As always, I'd like to thank everyone that once again stopped by for another installment of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Like I always say, I hope that there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this topic. Although there is a lot happening in this world, those of us who try to remain positive and uplift one another have to stick together. It is now Saturday, so I hope everyone enjoys this weekend. If it isn't too hot where you are, try to get outside and have some fun. Even if you can't be outdoors this weekend, I hope that you all have a good time in whatever you end up doing. Alright, as in the word of Logic the rapper, "I'm gone, so long." I'll see you all in the next one. Stay strong everyone and till we meet again, I will you all peace and love!

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Watch What You Say And Think (Speaking And Thinking Things Into Existence).

I think that we all can admit that the universe has a weird way of working at times. We all have different beliefs and viewpoints on how we think this world operates. For example, some of us believe that what goes around will also come back around. We refer to it as "karma". We often use this term to describe a situation where a person that has done something bad receives it back. While most will call this karma, others will just say that karma had nothing to do with that persons' misfortunes, and things just happen. I'm not here to argue for or against whether or not karma is true. However, I do want to establish the fact that things often have a unusual way of happening. I feel that this also applies when it comes to the things that we say and think. Most of us have heard or even experienced how powerful the tongue, as well as the mind can be. There is a general rule of thumb that the thoughts and words that we give a lot of energy towards will usually end up coming to fruition. Similar to karma, some will believe this to be true, while others will just say that it was a coincidence. Well, I am personally part of the former in believing that the what we put energy and thought into will likely contribute to whatever happens in our lives. I have absolutely no scientific evidence to prove this, but what I do have is the experience of seeing this happen throughout various times in my life. This is exactly why I feel it is critical that we are cautious of what we say and think, because we can often speak and think things into existence.

Ladies and gentlemen! How is everyone doing? It is me Brad H. back once again, and I'd like to welcome everyone to another installment of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Hope things have been going well for everyone since the last topic. If that hasn't been the reality for any of you recently, try to keep on holding you head up, and have belief that things will begin to improve. As with the normal format on here, I am back to share my thoughts on a topic for the week that I've been thinking about as of late. Before getting into the topic for the week, I wanna get on my soapbox and talk about something that will be here really soon; NFL FOOTBALL! So last night, the preseason for the NFL kicked off with the Hall of Fame Game. We had my favorite team the Dallas Cowboys taking on the Arizona Cardinals. Of course it was preseason, so the starters didn't see the field besides standing on the sidelines. I know most football fans don't get too riled up for the preseason, but there are many people that do because preseason signals the start of the regular season real soon. I can't really explain what it is, but there is something about the time of the year when football comes around that excites me. I don't know if it's because most of us are somewhat eager due to sports being slow during the summer months, or if the season beginning to change during football season. Whatever it may be, I truly enjoy it. I'll likely be using the soapbox section of my writings to talk about certain stories related to the NFL in the coming months. Also, if any of you are football fans, feel free to comment on who your favorite team(s) are in the comment section. I would also like to hear what expectations you have for your team during the upcoming season. I'll likely give my prediction of what I think the Cowboys will do this season in the coming weeks. Alright, now that I've gotten that out of the way, lets go ahead and talk about the importance of watching what you say and think.

Now before getting deeper into the topic for the week, I'd like to give my usual disclaimer. We all have varying viewpoints and ways of thinking when it comes to life. The main focus here isn't to focus on right or wrong, but rather offering a bit of inspiration to others. My hope is that I am able to encourage others to view a topic in a way that they may not have viewed before. I don't expect everyone to have similar views as myself, and it is perfectly fine if anyone happens to disagree with my thoughts. This platform isn't here for division, but rather to include everyone despite potentially having different views. Now for some insight on how this topic came to be. Besides the normal conversations that I have with the people that are near and dear to me, I can't really point to anything specific that lead to me wanting to discuss the importance of watching what we say and think. If there is anything that I can probably attribute to what made me want to get into this topic, I would probably attest it to the fact that I've been thinking a lot about the various struggles that not only myself, but also others that I know have faced so far this year. I've been thinking lately about how it may be time to feed more energy into believing that the remaining months of this year will be much better going forward. If there is anyone else out there that feels that 2017 has been a rough year also, this topic may give you a little bit of hope going forward. Again, I'm far from an expert, so anything that I mention applies to my life first.

So we all have heard the saying; "You are what you eat" right? Could it also be possible that this applies to our minds and the things that we give thought to as well? Again, I'm not coming from a scientific perspective on this topic, so I have no scientific evidence to back up my belief. But with that said, I do believe that whatever we give energy and thought to can potentially come to fruition. From my perspective, this is probably the most important reason why we have to be aware of what we put into our minds. So many people in our world give thought and energy to a lot of negative forces right? I'm sure most of you can relate to this, but do you ever go around people and whenever they are talking, they are talking about how bad things have been going in their lives? Even using myself as an example, I've been giving a lot of energy and thought to the fact that 2017 has been a year of challenges. The fact that I've spent a good portion of this year harping on this has likely contributed to the reason why I feel this way. Like I mentioned earlier, things have a funny way of working out when it comes to thinking about certain things. Some people say that thinking too much is bad, and while I do believe that is true in some cases, I don't see thinking in itself as the biggest issue. From my perspective, the biggest issue is we give too much power to negative thinking, and then we wonder why things in our lives aren't going as well as we'd like. Thinking may not always be the sole reason, but I do believe it is a factor.

Just as everything in this world has an opposite, the same applies when it comes to speaking and thinking. Of course the opposite of negative is positive right? So instead of constantly thinking of and feeding into negative things, why don't we flip it around and give more thought to the more positive aspects of life? Well of course everyone is different, as well as everyone's circumstances, so there is no definitive way to give an answer to that. However, what we do know is that this world that we're living in today is full of negative things taking place on a regular. Whenever we turn on the television, go outside or go online, these negative happenings are constantly being fed into our minds. And as I stated in previously written topics on here, even when we believe the things that we see and hear don't affect us directly, they can affect us on a subconscious level. Now when it comes to watching what you say, it all coincides with the mind. The things that we think about often translate into the things that we say. If you constantly think about the negative and bad, that is likely all you're going to talk about and vice versa. We have to learn how to be aware of the realities that create for ourselves, because it is indeed a fact that there is power in the mind and the tongue. We have to be more positive in order to create a more positive reality for ourselves. Again, in a negative world this is hard, but we have to try and be more positive for ourselves.

The message for this week is plain and straightforward. Watch what you say, as well as what you think. The things that you give energy to can ultimately be spoken and thought into existence. You don't want to be one of those people that thinks and speaks negatively so often that it becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy. We want to be individuals that think and speak positively as often as we can. Some of you may not believe that there is power in the mind and tongue when it comes to bringing things into our lives, and that is totally fine. Even if I don't have any proof besides my own personal experiences, I am a believer that nothing good comes from thinking negative. With that said, I figure that I may as well think and speak as positively as positive. It definitely can't hurt, and I encourage anyone out there that struggles with negativity to try and do the same. That's pretty much all I have to say for this week in regards to the topic for the week. It is now time for me to leave the quote for the week that I found and feel speaks to what this topic is about. It comes courtesy of, and the person who stated this is named Leon Brown. The quote goes; "Your words can be powerful, they can hurt or uplift, so think before you speak as every word you say counts."

We have once again arrived at the end of another topic. Before going on my way, I'd like to thank everyone once again that stopped by for another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! I appreciate those of you that show a brother love. As always, I hope there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this topic. We are all in this joint together, so we have to try and keep each other inspired. Before going, I'd like to say Happy belated birthday to my younger cousin Derion(Biggie). He had a birthday recently, and it was after the last topic that I wrote about. I just wanna make sure that I acknowledge him on here as well. Love you bro, and keep on doing good things. Alright, I'm out, so I hope everyone has a great weekend and week ahead. Keep on fighting the good fight, and I'll see you all in the next one. Till then, peace!

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wealth Isn't Always About Money (Having A Wealth Of Knowledge).

I think it is fairly safe to say that most people likely think of money and finance when they hear the term "wealth" being referred to. If you are with the majority that have adopted this way of thinking, it is likely due to no fault of your own. In the society that we live in, we are often conditioned to believe that being financially successful is the only form of wealth. While it is true that money is probably the most popular form of wealth, it is far from the only method of wealth that can be acquired. Wealth can be classified and defined as being many things. As with the majority of things in life, it all depends on the person and how they see things. There is however a form of wealth that many of us tend to underestimate, and this is a form of wealth that I didn't see myself. Also, I would argue that when it comes to being overlooked, it is the most important form of wealth that we can obtain. What am I talking about you may wonder? I'm talking about knowledge and the acquirement of knowledge. Yes ladies and gentlemen, knowledge can also be a form of wealth, however, it is also a form of wealth that so many of us take for granted. The goal that I have for this week's topic is to hopefully show that wealth isn't always about having money. Wealth can be defined as being many things, but having a wealth of knowledge is a form of wealth that we should not take for granted.

Hey, what's going on ladies and gentlemen? It is me Brad H. back on here once again, and I'd like to welcome you all to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! As always, I hope everyone has been doing pretty good as of late. Of course if that hasn't been happening in your life as of late, keep on trying to hold your head up, and continue to have belief that things can and will change for you soon. So I'm back for another week to give my perspective on a topic that I've been thinking about in recent days. Before diving into this week's topic at hand, I'd like to use this portion to get on my soapbox for a minute and give my opinion on a current event that recently happened. As I'm sure most of you already know, former NFL running back O.J. Simpson was granted parole from prison this week. Whatever you may think about Simpson himself, we cannot deny the fact that there is something that captivates the world about him. I think most of it mainly stems from the fact that his murder trial from the early 90's is the most infamous trials of a public figure in American history. Not going to get into what I thought of the trial, but I want to give my opinion on him being paroled. I've seen a lot of mixed reactions online, so I guess I'll chime in myself. Now I personally didn't see what I would consider to be a remorseful person when he spoke to the parole board that was considering his case. However, something that stood out to me was when one of the board members confused Simpson for being 90 years old. She quickly apologized, to which there was some laughter in the building. But it was Simpson, who is actually 70 years old reaction that really caught my ear. Simpson jokingly replied that he feels like he's 90. Now I imagine a man in his condition, along with the mental stress that he has put himself through does feel much older than his actual age. So I guess what I'm saying here is that regardless of what people think of Simpson, I think it was okay that he was granted parole. The truth is that the guy may not have many more years left, and if the justice system feels that he has served enough time to be granted parole, then so be it. At his age and his condition of health, there's probably not much the guy can do anyway. Well I think I've rambled enough, so lets go ahead and talk about this week's topic of acquiring a wealth of knowledge.

As always before going more in depth on the topic for the week, I want to give the regular disclaimer and say that everyone will have varying viewpoints when it comes to topics. My objective here is isn't to focus on what may be considered right or wrong, but rather to hopefully encourage the people that read to think about a topic from a different approach than they normal. Of course I don't expect everyone to share in my views, but the goal of hoping to inspire others and myself through that process remains the same. As for insight on how I came to wanting to talk about this particular topic for the week, I have to attest it to a video by Dr. Boyce Watkins that I listened to on Youtube recently. The video itself pretty much dealt with finance, but it's something that he said during the video that really resonated with me, which lead to me writing about the topic at hand. He mentioned how we as people don't always have to leave or give money to others in order to help them. Sometimes the knowledge and wisdom that we are able to pass onto others is even more important than the money itself. I personally thought him saying this was pretty inspirational, so I figured it would be a pretty good topic for me to try and expand upon. Hopefully you all can relate a bit to what I'm going to talk about. Remember that I'm far from an expert, so keep in mind that anything that I talk about applies to myself. I'm a firm believer that we have to be willing to follow the advice we give to others.

So we've established that most of us equate money to having wealth. Yes it is indeed true that the most popular form of wealth primarily deals with money, but I'm not here to talk about money because I'll admit that I'm one of those people that isn't really as good as I should be at managing it. However, what I do know is that regardless of how much financial wealth a person has, they likely won't be able to make it sustainable if they're not knowledgeable when it comes to finance. I'm sure most of you have heard the saying "a fool and his money will eventually part ways." If not those exact words, I'm sure you've heard some sort of variation of it. But it is true that someone that spends constantly without being equipped with the knowledge to make their money work for them. This same concept applies to everyone in life from my perspective. We all are going to make mistakes right? That is just a fact and a part of life. However, we all know and are aware that when we are knowledgeable about whatever aspect of life that we have to make decisions in, we are able to limit the chances of making mistakes. I see life as a game of both wins and losses. We all know that we won't always win in the things that we want, which means that we're going to have occasional losses. We also know that losing doesn't last forever, which means that we have to work towards limiting the losses and hopefully increasing the wins. In my opinion, it is much easier to win when you have the knowledge and tools you need to do so.

So how do we acquire wealth through knowledge? Well from my perspective, there are two ways to primarily do so. The first is the easiest way, as well as the way that puts more of it on you. This way involves us going to acquire the knowledge on our own. A person that does this likely reads books, watches videos, and seeks out people that are experts in whatever they're looking to become more knowledgeable at. The second method deals more with what Dr. Boyce was talking about, which deals with being lucky enough to have people that we know to pass down knowledge to us. Now because this method involves having to depend on others, it isn't the most recommended, which is exactly why I wanted to talk about this topic. Now both methods can be interchangeable, meaning that depending on where you are in life, either or both can apply to you at various times. My mission for this week is to show that you don't always have to have money to help out others. You see, since we live in a society that equates money with wealth, most of our society believes that having money is the only way to help others. This is something that we've all heard before, and it is something that I've talked about on here in the past. The bottom line is that regardless of who you are or what you have, you can always drop trinkets of wisdom to others either help them move forward towards something, or keep them from making the same mistakes you did. This is why it is important to have a wealth of knowledge in my opinion.

Regardless of who you are or your relationship with others, you can always have some kind of wisdom to pass onto others. I also want to make it clear that I also feel that no matter how wise you are, you are never so wise that you can't listen to others as well. Wealth can come in all kinds of forms, but there is no price tag in my opinion that can be put on being knowledgeable. The goal for this week is to hopefully let others know that having wealth doesn't always have to be about money. If you are a person that is skilled or well versed in an area of your life, don't hesitate to pass on your knowledge to others. If you're a person that may not be all that capable when it comes to dealing with finance, seek out others that can give you the knowledge and tools to help you become better. In my opinion, the best thing about knowledge is that it is infinite. There is always something new out there can be learned, so remember that wealth is important, but having a wealth of knowledge can mentally take us to an even higher state of mind. The quote that I found and will leave you all with this week that I feel applies to this week's topic comes from innovator and author Peter Schwartz. The quote goes; "Knowledge is the only kind of wealth that multiplies when you give it away." Be mindful of that my friends.

Well my peeps, we have arrived at the end of another post. Before I leave for this week, I'd really like to thank everyone for stopping by for another installment of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! I really, really appreciate all of you, especially those people that let me know on Twitter that they've read some of my material and found it helpful. I'm truly grateful to you all. Like always, I hope there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this topic. I hope everyone has a good weekend, and hopefully an even better week ahead. Also, Happy Birthday goes to my little cousin Xzavier(Zay), and to my great uncle Grover. Alright, I'm out everyone, so stay strong and keep on fighting the good fight everyone. Till we meet again, I wish you all the best. Peace and love!

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Importance Of Practicing Good Habits (Relying On Good Habits During Struggles).

A common theme of discussion here on this blog site deals with the various struggles that we all are either facing now, or will be facing in the future. Some may see this as a bad or negative thing, however, the main reason that I talk about the struggles we face so much is because I not only know that many of us are dealing with them, but I want to help in finding ways to deal with them. With that said, there are many of us that implore poor habits on a regular basis. I'm not going to get into what is classified as a bad habit or habits. It really varies from person to person, and what I may consider to be a bad habit may not be looked at similarly by someone else. The point however is that we all have some kind of habit or habits that don't do much to really help or elevate our lives. Something else that I've come to notice about myself, and this may be something that some of you can relate to as well. What I've seen is that bad habits often become amplified whenever we're facing situations and struggles. It seems that whenever those rough times and situations occurs in our lives, we turn to our bad habits to help us cope with them. The problem with this is that the bad habits turn into a crutch, which makes an already difficult situation(s) worse. Before we know it, we're in a downward spiral of negativity where our bad habits are controlling us. Since we know that our bad habits make our situations even more harder, we have to learn how to flip it around and develop good habits to rely on during hard times.

Hey, hey once again! What is going on people? It is me Brad H. back once again, and I'd like to welcome everyone to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Hope everyone has been doing pretty good since the last topic that was created on here. If that hasn't been the case for some of you as of late, keep on trying to hold your head up. I already know how difficult it can be to do this when it feels like one bad thing is happening after the next. I know because as I mentioned in a previous post maybe a couple of months back, I've been having my share of struggles throughout this year. If it hasn't been something going on with me, it has been with family members and people that I care for. We already know that regardless of how well things may be going in our individual lives, we can never feel truly fulfilled inside if the people we love are having problems. At least that is the case for me. I won't go into details or anything like that, but some of the things that have happened so far this year sometimes feel as if they're never going to end. I just want to say to anyone out there that have been facing struggles as of late to keep on keeping on. I know it is easier said than done, but we have to keep on living and pushing forward. Nothing will never change if we just choose to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves. Nothing positive is going to happen if we keep on asking why our lives have to be so hard, etc. Again, I know how hard it is due to me having to deal with some of the issues in my life. All we can really do is weather these storms the best way that we can. That's pretty much all I have to say for this week that doesn't deal with the topic at hand. Now that I think about it, it is actually kinda interesting that I brought all of that up considering what this weeks' topic is about. So without further ado, lets go ahead and talk about the importance of practicing good habits.

As with the usual disclaimer that I give on every topic that I discuss, I want to state that everyone has their own personal views on topics, as well as different ways of thinking and expressing opinions. My objective here is not to focus on what is considered to be right or wrong, but rather to hopefully inspire and encourage others to see the topic at hand in a manner that they may not have before. If anyone feels otherwise or disagrees with my views, that is perfectly fine and okay. Any feedback and opinions are welcome here, and I encourage anyone that reads this to give their thoughts. As for how this topic came to be, it really comes down to what I was speaking on earlier in regards to some of the struggles that I've been facing in 2017. It is indeed a fact that whenever things may not be going all the best for us, we often tend to harp on all the negative that is happening, rather than focusing on the good things that may be happening. The good may be far and few in between, but regardless of how things are going, there is likely always a little bit of good that we can point to in our lives. The culmination of all these things lead me to wanting to write about this topic. I hope that others out there that come across this can relate to what I'm saying. We're not trying to solve our problems with this weeks' topic, but we are hoping that we can see some inspiration and light that can help us to cope with those struggles.

Now when it comes to habits, we all have them in some way right? It all varies from person to person, but I think from a general perspective that we all normally have a mix of both good and bad habits. For some people the good outweighs the bad, and it's vice versa for others. Now with that said, I don't think that most of us can deny that most of us allow our bad habits to overtake us whenever we're dealing with stress in our lives. I can definitely attest that this applies to me personally, and it is something that I'm working towards becoming better at managing. So why do we allow our bad habits to get the best of us when times are tough? From my perspective, I, like many others see our habits as an escape from what we're dealing with. Instead of facing the problem or problems, we'd rather just ignore them and hope they vanish away. Think about a person that loves playing video games. Lets say that playing video games is one of this persons hobbies right? Nothing wrong with that at all. However, lets say this person is facing a difficult time in their life, and instead of facing their issues, they decide to rely on playing videos all day to cope with their problems. As I stated, there is nothing wrong with playing video games, but you see how quick something that we may do as a recreational activity can become a bad habit? We all hear the saying that moderation is the key, but most of us don't even begin to think about doing anything in moderation when we're stressed out. All we know is that we want it to go away.

So what are some good habits that we can have? Again, it varies from person to person, but when I think of good habits, I think of things and activities that have the potential to enhance our lives. For example, working out whenever you feel stressed is an example of practicing a good habit. If you're spiritual or religious, meditation and prayer is an example of a good habit. These are just a few examples, but it all depends on what works for you. Regardless of whatever you define as being a good habit however is what you must learn to lean on whenever you are facing struggles. Why is it importance to practice good habits during times of stress? First off, I want to say that it is good to practice good habits all the time regardless of what is happening in our lives. However, I see the reasoning for doing it even more so whenever we're dealing with issues comes from the fact that goodness helps give us hope to get through our struggles. From my perspective, I think that many of us feel alone and hopeless most of the times when we're dealing with things. We may find ourselves feeling as if no one truly understands where we're coming from, or even worse feeling as if no one cares. I believe that when you practice habits that are good for you, it gives you the confidence to be able to face whatever you're dealing with. Think of someone that runs marathons; whenever that person is facing struggles, they can always say to themselves that if they're able to conquer something as hard as doing a marathon, then they can surely get through times of struggle. Again, I believe that practicing good habits gives us confidence, which is necessary to lean on when you're facing obstacles.

I want to stress that just because I'm saying that good habits are important to lean on in times of crisis, I also realize that there are some things in life that we can never truly prepare for. I don't want to convey a message that practicing good habits is the remedy for everything that may be wrong in our lives. What I am saying however is that we have to learn to not allow those bad habits in our lives to be a constant crutch for dealing with our problems. I want to show that there is always another way to be able to deal with our issues. We've all heard the horror stories of celebrities and people in general that lost their lives to things such as drugs, self harm, etc. When the dust settled, we often found out that these people were facing depression and things of that nature. So yes, practicing good habits is very important, and they can honestly probably be the difference between having a balance life, or a chaotic life. The motivational quote that I'm going to leave you all with for this week comes from motivational speaker Brian Tracy. I think this quote goes along with this week's topic pretty well. The quote goes; "Good habits are hard to develop but easy to live with; bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with. The habits you have and the habits that have you will determine almost everything achieve or fail to achieve."

Well we've come to the end once again folks. This week's post came out a little later due to a few circumstances, but as we always hear people say, better late than never. I want to give a gigantic thanks to everyone that stopped by for another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Like always, I hope there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this and the rest of the topics that are created here. If that happens to not apply to you, I still appreciate you for coming through. I hope everyone has a good weekend, and hopefully an even better week ahead. Also, remember that whatever you're dealing with in your life is temporary. Sometimes we just have to learn to ride the waves until they calm. Keep on fighting my friends, and stay strong. Alright, I'm gone everyone, so I'll see you all in the next one. Till then, I wish you all peace and happiness. See you all soon!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Running Won't Always Solve Your Problems (Finding Contentment Within).

I'm sure that most of us have either said or heard someone else say the words; "I need a change of scenery." Maybe you've said or heard another person say something along the lines of; "I need to get away." These are just two examples, but there are many variations of ways for a person to imply that they want to get away. Now I'm a firm believer that a change of scenery is often necessary for growth. I also believe that we all need to get away from time to time. However, I believe that many of us confuse running from away from our problems for simply wanting to get away. We all know by now that we're going to presented with challenges and circumstances in our lives, but instead of just facing them directly, we often just choose to run from them. I believe that much of the need to want to get away stems from a lack of fulfillment from within us. It's almost similar to how when you see people looking for validation and acceptance from others. There is often a lack of contentment that exists within people that do this regularly, and the same applies to those of us that would rather run from our problems over facing them. I'm certain that we all know by now that constantly running from our issues won't always solve them. Facing our problems is always the most difficult option, but regardless of how we choose to handle them, we will likely never be at peace enough to face them if contentment within doesn't exist first.

What is going on people? It is your boy Brad H. back once again, and I'd like to welcome you all to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! As with the usual formula here, I hope that you all have been doing great in your individual lives since the last topic. It is time for another topic, and we have made it to another week of seeking motivation and hope to keep persevering in our lives. As for the weekly soapbox that I use at this point in my topics, I don't really have much to discuss. The NBA Finals ended nearly two weeks ago and as I suspected it would turn out, the Golden State Warriors are the NBA champions for the 2016-17 season. I guess I'll give my thoughts on that real quick. Now I've been pretty open about the fact that I don't care for either one of these teams. However, Golden State deserved to win the title this season in my opinion. I realize that a lot of people feel like they had a superstar team with the addition of Kevin Durant, and I personally believe that to be true. However, we must also remember that the Cleveland Cavaliers have several star players as well, including LeBron James. Now I do believe there is an obvious variance in the two teams when it comes to talent, but we have to remember that the Warriors won a title and went to a second straight NBA Finals before Durant got there. While I do believe that adding him to their roster made them a better team than Cleveland, we cannot ignore the fact that Cleveland also added veteran players to their bench. I only bring this up because I've seen people trying to say that the Warriors needed Durant to beat Cleveland. Again, they beat them two years ago, and I honestly believe they would have beaten them last year had Draymond Green not gotten suspended. The same way that people gave Cleveland their just due last season for winning it all, we have to do the same for the Warriors as well. Congrats goes to the Golden State Warriors. Alright, I'm done talking about the NBA for this season. Football will be here soon, so of course I'll be giving occasional thoughts on that. Now that I've talked about something besides the topic for the week, lets go ahead and get into how running won't always solve our problems.

As with the normal disclaimer that I give on every single topic that I discuss, I want address that we all have different ways of thinking and expressing our opinions. My objective with this and other topics isn't to focus on what is considered to be right or wrong, but rather to inspire and encourage others to see the topic in a manner that they wouldn't normally. It is perfectly fine if anyone happens to disagree with my perspective. All feedback and opinions that anyone may have on this or any of the other topics that I discuss are welcome here. Now for a bit on insight on how the topic for this week came to be. I have to give a lot of credit to one of my cousins' for inspiring this topic. It stemmed from a conversation that I was having with him a few nights ago during a late night drive. He was breaking down a topic that we had been talking about in a manner that I had never even thought about before, and it honestly inspired me. He is a very wise person, so it is not a surprise that he opened up my mind to something that I never considered before. Being that I feel that what he mentioned was something that I think could help others, I figured I would use it as a catalyst to express my thoughts here for others. Like always, anything that I talk about here applies to myself, so I'm in no way implying that I'm above any of this. As with anyone else that is alive and breathing, I face personal struggles as well. The goal is for us to hopefully conquer our struggles together.

Alright, so as I stated earlier, we all have those moments where we feel that we need an escape from our problems. Again, I believe that a change of scenery can be refreshing from time to time. Also, there will be times and situations where a change of scenery can't be avoid. A good example of this is when a kid's parents move from one city to another. The kid doesn't have much of a choice in the matter when it comes to leaving. All of the aforementioned examples deal with running, but not necessarily in a negative way. However, there are also ways that we often run that can be classified as being negative. Furthermore, running doesn't always mean leaving one place for another in the literal sense; it can also mean not wanting to face whatever issues that may be plaguing our lives. Since there are all kind of ways of running from our problems, I want to focus more on what I think may be the best way to avoid running. See when you really think about it, running really doesn't mean much if whatever problems you are having are following you. Problems are a lot like shadows; they pretty much go wherever you go, and you can't escape them as long as they exist. Rather than trying to run from our problems, I think we have to look to find contentment within ourselves.

You may ask yourself, what does being content within have to do with running from problems? From my perspective, being content has quite a bit to do with avoiding problems. You see, when a person is content within themselves, they have an understanding of their problems and how to face them. I believe that these are people that understand that although a person may be able to relocate somewhere else or change up your scenery, you'll never truly be fulfilled if you're not truly content within yourself. In my opinion, this is an issue that most of us suffer from. We have all these problems in our lives, and we feel that just running somewhere else will solve them. I want you to consider this for a second. Imagine someone that is in trouble with the law and have warrants out for their arrest. That person can escape from the city they're in and go somewhere else, but those warrants will follow them regardless of where they go. Similar to the problems that we choose not to ignore and not face, those warrants will never go away, and you'll always be looking over your shoulder no matter where you are. Furthermore, you'll never truly have the peace within that we all seek. You'll never be able to fully enjoy your life because you know that you are just one encounter from having even bigger problems in your life.

So what is the best way for us to find contentment from within? From my perspective, first, I think the obvious thing we have to do is acknowledge that there are issues in our lives. It is always easy to blame others and circumstances, but the hardest thing to do is take a hard look in the mirror at ourselves first. In my opinion, that is a paradigm that needs shifting. Secondly, rather than choosing to run, we have to work on fixing ourselves from the inside out. What I mean by this is that whatever issues that we're dealing with internally, we have to work on correcting them. This is definitely not an easy feat to accomplish, however, is is vital to at the very least put forth an effort to do this. I'll admit that none of what I'm saying here is easy to do, and it's likely more times than not that we will often choose to run rather than confront our problems. The goal here is to hopefully give ourselves the necessary inspiration to tackle whatever issues we're dealing with. Because the truth of the matter whether we like it or not, we will never truly be content or at peace without working on ourselves and like I stated earlier, internal issues will follow us regardless of where we go. The quote that I'm going to leave you all with that I think coincides with this topic is from someone anonymous, or I wasn't able to find the person. But the quote is simple, and I'm sure it is one that you've heard before. It goes; "Running away from your problems is a race you'll never win."

Well we have come to the end of another topic for the week. This was another week of me getting another topic out later than usual, but there was some personal things going on that need addressing first. But like they say, better late than never right? Well I'd like to thank everyone that stopped by for another viewing of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Like always, I hope there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this topic. If that doesn't apply to you, or if this topic didn't move you, it is totally fine and I appreciate you still. I hope that everyone has a great weekend, and an even better week ahead. Stay safe wherever you are, and try to be a positive as you can. Take care of one another, and be disciplined and resolute towards whatever aspect of your life that you're trying to improve. Alright, I'm gone, so I'll see you all in the next one. Till then, I wish you all peace and happiness. Peace!

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