Monday, May 7, 2012

Lets learn to roll with the punches.

Hello once again to all. You already know who it is, and what time it is. It's ya man Brad H. coming back at you again. Welcome to another edition of Brad H's Perspective. I hope that everyone had a positive and fulfilling week, and you're ready for another positive week ahead. I had a great run earlier this evening. It helped in getting me even more motivated to do this blog post. By the way, I set a goal on Runkeeper( earlier in the week. The goal is to run 25 total miles this month. I'm 12% of the way through with it, so I got a ways to go. However, i'll get there slowly through discipline and just showing up. I'll keep those interested with my progress throughout the month in future posts. Now lets get to what we're discussing today. In this post I want to discuss the term "rolling with the punches", and how we must learn to take the punches that life sometimes deals us. I think it's pretty fitting that I chose the right title for this particular post. We had a great night of boxing last night with Floyd Mayweather Jr. taking on Miguel Cotto. We also got to see Saul "Canelo" Alvarez take on "Sugar" Shane Mosley. I hope you all were able to catch the fights and enjoyed them. Now lets get into what we're discussing today.

First off, lets ask a question. If you happened to get into a physical altercation with someone, which type of punch do you think would hurt you most? Getting punched while you are standing still, or taking a punch that hits you while you are moving? I'm willing to bet you said the punch that hits you while standing still would hurt more. That's exactly right. As simple as that question may sound, it's a perfect example for being able to roll with the punches. We know that all punches hurt, but the ones that hit us while we are moving, or the ones that we are more prepared for hurt less. That's one of the reasons why boxers move so much in the ring. They know they are going to get hit, but the goal is to be able to absorb and take the shots. We can equate this logic to our everyday lives. It's a fact that no matter who you are, or how well off you are in this world, there are going to be times when life hits you. There is no way of getting around it. When life hits, it's often unexpected most of the time. There are a number of time in our lives when unexpected events will happen. Some can be for good, and some are bad. However, we must learn to roll with the blows that life sometimes deals us.

There are various unexpected events that can happen to catch us off guard. The death of someone close to us, finding out someone we love, or even ourselves having a terminal disease. A disappointment or setback in a job or something career related, or relationship problems can catch us off guard as well. There are no limits as to the tough times life can bring us. It reminds me a lot of Sylvester Stallone's speech to his son in the movie, "Rocky Balboa". He said that "Nobody hits harder than life". I found this to be such a true and powerful statement. When life hits, all we can do is keep moving forward. Yes it's sometimes going to hurt, but we can't allow the bad times keep us down. Any and all things can be overcome if we want to get through them. Wallowing in our problems is not the answer to solving them. Faith, belief, and effort are the keys.

Lets let today be the day we dust off our burdens and get up. Lets make an effort to roll with the punches that life brings us. Lets prepare ourselves to be as ready as we possibly can. Athletes train for competition to be prepared, so lets train our minds to be as ready as we possibly can for the hardships of life. We all know they are coming. I'm going to leave a link to the inspiration speech by Rock Balboa at the bottom. For those of you who haven't seen this movie, I hope you enjoy this clip. It's truly inspiring. Well that's it for this week of Brad H's Perspective. I already feel motivated by reading my own words. I hope that anyone who reads this finds it inspiring. I'm only focused on being as positive as I can be. I'm far from perfect, so like I've said before I want to push myself to be better. I hope you all have a great week, and we'll be back at it again later on in the week. Till then, I send peace, love, and blessings to all.


  1. As usual, you're right on the nail! :-) Good stuff, my friend!

    1. Thanks a lot Gary. I always appreciate your feedback good sir!