Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Focus on becoming better, not perfect.

What's up? What's up? What's up? It's ya boy Brad H coming back at you again with another edition of "Brad H's Perspective". How is everyone doing? I hope that you all are doing well, staying up, and maintaining. Before we get into this week's discussion, I want to apologize for this post being two days late. I normally try to write and update this blog every Sunday. However, with Mothers Day taking place this past Sunday, I ran out of time. I also want to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there. I hope you all enjoyed your special day. You women are truly the backbone of life, and you should be appreciated daily. Secondly, I ran out of time updating yesterday as well. I had to help my younger sister move some things out of her dorm room since the end of the college semester is closely approaching for her. Anyway, I'm back now and we are going to get into this week's topic.

Perfection is something that many of us look to achieve. I mean lets be honest, there is nothing wrong with wanting things to be perfect. If it were up to many of us, we would be living in a perfect world. Remember that song from the 80's "Perfect World" by Huey Lewis & The News? Oh man how I miss the music from the 80's and 90's. Okay I know I'm getting off topic, but at least the song coincides with what I'm talking about. There is nothing in life that will completely be perfect. No matter how perfect people claim to be, everything and everyone have flaws. I know that a lot of these Hollywood celebrities and entertainers want us to think they are perfect, but that's far from the truth. Maybe they feel that way because so many fans seem to worship them, which is something I don't understand. That's another topic for another day though. Health and fitness is another area that some people strive for perfection at. Some people almost kill themselves to develop and sculpt that perfect body that we see athletes, entertainers, and trainers have. Is it really worth it in the end though? Perfection is unattainable, so instead of focusing on becoming perfect, why not focus on becoming a better person? Don't you think that becoming a better person is more achievable than being perfect? I personally think so.

Becoming a better person is something that all of us can achieve if we want. One of the major problems that discourages people from taking steps towards becoming better is that "being perfect" mindset. Becoming an overall better person is so much easier than being perfect. All it takes is taking small steps daily, and a will to change for the better. I'm in no way saying it's an easy task bettering ourselves. Becoming a better person can definitely be a challenge for us all. We all have different things about our lives and ourselves that we want to change. No person's situation is the same when it comes to wanting to change. I see a lot of people who have the same mindset they had a few years ago. Some are still thinking the way they did 10 or 20 years ago. Shouldn't life about changing and evolving as we get older? Shouldn't becoming a wiser and better person before we leave this Earth be a goal of ours. Bettering ourselves isn't only limited to our mind and our thoughts. There are variety of ways we can look to better ourselves. The way we interact with those we care about and people in general can be something we strive to do better. Improving our situations and circumstances can be another example. There are so many ways we can better ourselves, the opportunities are limitless. We just have to evaluate who we are and the things we want to change about ourselves.

If you are one of those people that is striving for perfection, I admire you. As I mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with wanting things to be perfect or striving to become the perfect person. Just know and be aware that none of us are perfect, so in essence it's a losing battle. All we can do is focus on being the best individuals we can be. I personally don't strive for being perfect. I want to better myself with each and every step that life brings. If I can do that consistently, then I can be satisfied with who I am. Daily improvements are how we become better. It's not about becoming perfect, but becoming better. Well that's it for this post peeps. I hope that anyone who read this post enjoyed it, and hopefully you were able to find some inspiration in it. I know that I'm already feeling inspired just by writing it out. I'm planning on getting in a run later on, and I'm looking to slowly improve my time from my previous run. I'm not looking to become perfect, I'm just looking to be the best person I can be. I wish the same for you as well. I hope to see you all again later on in this week. Till then peace, love, and blessings.


  1. This is inspiring Brad. Thank you for wishing all Mommies Happy Mother's day. You must be a great joy to your Mother!

    1. Hello Angela! So sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for this comment! All the best!