Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't allow others opinions to define you.

What's up again good people? You already know who this is; It's ya man Brad H coming at you again with another weekly edition of "Brad H's Perspective". I hope everyone is doing fairly well, and had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Before I get into this week's topic, I want to give a quick update on my progress with the goal I set on Runkeeper(runkeeper.com). To my delight, I found out that I'm able to post and share my running activities from Runkeeper on blogger. I've posted two running activities thus far, and I have two others that I've yet to post. I'm aiming to post those following this blog post here. As far as my progress with the goal itself, I've completed 23 out of the 25 mile goal that I set for this month. That means that I now have 2 more days to run two miles. Should be a piece of cake right? I'm pretty confident that I will be able to finish out the goal for the month. I never had any doubts in my mind that I could complete this goal. Mainly because I know the type of person that I am. Once I dedicate myself to doing something, I don't rest until it's done. I hope you will continue to stay tuned with my running progression. Alright it's time for this weeks topic.

We all know that everyone who is living and breathing are going to have opinions. We also know that we as a people have opinions on a variety of different things and topics. Opinions can be limitless when it comes to forming them. They also can be for good or for bad. Unfortunately, we live in a world where most people tend to form negative opinions and thoughts of others. It's like some people are constantly looking for the worst in other people. Instead of forming positive opinions and trying to find something good to say about others, people let negativity take them over. Here is a prime example of what I mean. I was at my younger cousins 8th grade graduation last Friday, and all I heard was negativity from various people that were sitting around me. Many of them were making comments about what others were wearing when they walking into the gym. Some were even criticizing some of the young students for what they were wearing. I was sitting there thinking to myself;"Yo this is ridiculous". However, as ignorant and non-important as I found it, I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it. People are going to say and think whatever they want, and that's just a fact of life. As bad and negative as this type of thinking can be at times, the great thing is that we don't have to let others opinions define who we are.

There are so many times where we worry about what others think of us. Now I'm not saying this is a bad thing when it comes to certain people. Of course we are going to care what our family and close friends think of us. That's because we know most of them mean well and have our best interests are heart. However, we shouldn't get caught up in what other people who don't matter think of us. As much as some people try it make life out to be a popularity contest, it's not. Our lives and how we view them should be based around how we view ourselves. Our opinions of ourselves are really all that matter in the end. We can only live our lives for ourselves. Nobody can live your life for you, so focus on your own thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in what others think of you. The moment that we do that is the moment that we are allowing our minds to be controlled. We're not robots, so we aren't made to be controlled. Having our own thoughts and making our own choices are what life is all about. Allowing other peoples opinions of us be to a defining factor in our lives is guaranteed to make us miserable inside. I don't know about you, but I feel life is extremely too short to constantly be miserable. What do you think?

Alright folks that's it for this weeks edition of Brad H's Perspective. As I've mentioned in several blog posts before, I'm far from a perfect person, and I struggle with things as well. My goal with this blog is to motivate others, and motivate myself to become better in the that process. I want to learn from other people, and hopefully they are able to learn from me as well. Would love to hear feedback on what you think of this topic, so feel free to leave and drop comments. I will be headed out of town this upcoming weekend to visit family, so I may be late with next weeks post. However, I will be back again sometime next week with a posting, so be sure to stay tuned. Remember that life is what WE make of it. Don't worry about or stress over what others think of you. It's like a lyric that I heard in a song that I like. I don't know who the artist on the song is, but it's a track from on of K-Murdock's albums. The lyric goes; "Life is what you make of it and people will doubt you. It's not about them, it's really about you". I couldn't agree more, and that's probably the reason why I listen to that song so much. Alright everyone I'm out, so thanks for reading and I wish you continued peace, love, and blessings. Have a great week.


  1. I'm the kind of girl who gets affected by an opinion of other people and that's one of the countless factor that made me lose my own self-confidence but now, I'm trying to ignore all of them. The heck I care for what they say! ^_^ It's for my own good and for the important people of my life!

    I can't wait to see some more progress to myself.

    This one's another good post, Brad! ♥

  2. More penetrating observations from you, Brad! Nicely done!