Thursday, November 3, 2011

My progress with the Couch to 5k running program.

Hello once again. It's me Brad H. Hope this reaches everyone in great health, mind, and spirits. In tonight's post I'm going to be discussing the Couch to 5k running program that I'm currently participating in. I was online last night, and I came across videos on Youtube of people who have documented their experiences with this program. Watching these videos made me feel bad that I hadn't been putting my experience out there for others to see. This has encouraged me to keep track of my progress, and update others on where I am with the program.

I first want to start out by saying that I am on week 5 of the Couch to 5k program. I just finished up day two of week five, and I will discuss that in a bit. For those of you are are interested, I'm going to give a brief background on my running history. I was an athlete all throughout high school. When I graduated in 2000, I like many other people in general became less active. This inactivity lead to weight gain. In 2006, I started back running. I slowly built up my stamina, and in a few months I was able to run two to 3 miles nonstop. This lasted up until around 2009. Between 09 and 2010, I went through some changes in life that lead to me not being as active running. I was still running, but not with the same regularity, or intensity.

I had planned on running in a local "Turkey Trot" race on Thanksgiving Day of this year, so I done some research on the Couch to 5k running routine. It claims to get you ready to run 3 miles in two months. To keep myself from pushing too hard, I started out with the program. The first week was very easy. It was eight 60 seconds runs, with a 90 second walk in between them. Week two was almost the same, and was easy for me as well. Week 3 got into the 3 minute runs, and the first day was a bit rough, but after the first day it was fairly easy also. Week 4 got into the 5 minute runs, and got through it ok. I'm now on week five of the program. I just completed day 2 this evening. Day 2 consisted of a five minute warm up walk, followed by an 8 minute run. Then another 5 minute walk, and another 8 minute run before cooling down for 5 minutes.

I struggled the first few minutes into the first 8 minute run. Maybe it was because I took an extra day off. However, after getting through the first 8 minute run, the second one was fairly easy. I'm planning on completing day 3 on Saturday. Day 3 is the day where the program requires a 20 minute run nonstop, so I gotta rest up for that. I know I will be able to get it done though. So far I'm enjoying the program, and I see progress as well. I'm following the podcasts that I downloaded online. Here is the website is anyone is interested: The guy name is Robert, and he tells you when to run, and walk. He also has music on there to listen to while running.

Well that's it for this time folks. I hope to be back writing you all on Saturday when I complete day 3 of week 5. I encourage anyone who is interested in doing this program to do your own research online. Well take care everyone, and peace, love, and blessings to all.

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