Friday, October 28, 2016

There Is Always Inspiration To Be Found (Stay Inspired).

I think it's fairly safe to say that most, if not all of us find ourselves in the good ole doldrums every so often. I'd also go so far as to say that even if you're one of those people that rarely sink into the doldrums, you're likely able to somewhat relate to those of us that do. We're all living life, and there will always be a degree of bad that comes with life regardless of how good things may be going at the moment. For many people, whenever those tough times come along, it becomes almost second nature to fall into that pit of negativity that is surrounding you. Our minds start playing on our psyche, thinking it's okay to be negative since things are already going bad. Before we know it, we look around and see that we've fallen into a habitual state of depression and self pity. Whenever moments of this nature come at us, it becomes crucial to remember the importance of seeking inspiration. Inspiration can have a slew of meanings to different people, but I personally see inspiration as a force of motivation that inspires us to keep on pressing forward. All that being said, we all know and understand how difficult it can be to find inspiration with all the bad things happening in the world. I'd be remiss to not state that fact. However, we must remember that just because a lot of bad and negativity exists within our world, it doesn't mean that we can't or shouldn't be inspired. Inspiration is a key human element to life, and regardless of what's happening in the world, there is always inspiration to be found.

What's up, what's up, WHAT'S UP! Look at me channeling my inner Martin Lawrence. Nah, I'm just kidding with you all but on the real, how's it going everyone? It is I Brad H. once again, and I'd like to welcome everyone to another installment of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! As always, I'm here to give my personal perspective on the various thoughts that float throughout my brain regularly. I try to take those thoughts and put them into words that will not only inspire me, but hopefully serve as a catalyst of inspiration for others as well. I hope all has been good and well for you all since the last post. A lot has been going on in our world as of late. It's no accident that I jokingly quoted Martin Lawrence earlier, but jokes aside, I want to take a moment and say rest in peace to Thomas Mikal Ford. Most of you probably remember him as the character Tommy Strawn from the television show 'Martin'. Mr. Ford died back on October 12, and I honestly forgot to give mention to his passing in my previous post. My thoughts go out to his family, and I hope his soul rests in peace. The presidential election here in the United States is also beginning to wind down. I believe there is only 10 or 11 days until election day, so by the time I publish my next post, the United States will have elected a new president. I personally like to keep my political views separate from this blog, so I won't be stating who I am voting for. I will say this however; Like many others out there, I'm not enthused about this election at all compared to past election years. I think these are two of the worst candidates that we've been given to choose from, and if you're one of those people that seek out third party options, I totally understand and get it. In summation, I think many of us will be elated whenever it's over with, but there will be a sense of disappointment regardless of who it is. Alright y'all, now that I'm rambled on my soapbox for a bit, lets go ahead and talk a little more about inspiration, and how it can always be found.

Now before I get more in depth with this topic, I always point out in my writings that a person's individual viewpoint on any topic will vary. The aim isn't to focus on what is considered to be right or wrong, but rather to hopefully give anyone that reads on these topics something to think about further. I always point out that if anyone disagrees or feels differently than I do about this particular topic or any other topics that I bring up, that is totally fine. Whatever your thoughts and opinions are will always be welcomed here. We can always learn from one another, and the promotion of knowledge gained from others is something that I can definitely cosign with. As for some added insight into how this topic came to fruition, I can't really point to anything specifically. In regards to the topic at hand, it's just something that crossed my mind earlier this week, and I felt like it would be something relevant to address. I also want to add that this blog in general is a hub that I like to use for inspiration, and that's something that I try to document on a frequent basis. However, I do realize that although many of us may have an added need for inspiration, it can be difficult to seek it out whenever things may not be going so well in our lives. We're all human and fall short, but we must also be mindful that those bad times are when we need inspiration the most.

Now depending on how you think as an individual, as well as the things going on around you in your daily life, there may not be a lot of positive things happening around you. Many people hate to acknowledge this fact, but it is definitely true that various circumstances for some people may not always be ideal. If circumstances aren't the primary cause of this, then it can likely be attributed the people you're around, and sometimes it's a combination of both. If allowed, all of this can be extremely draining and taxing on a person's mind and well being. When you take all of that into consideration, most of us can understand how some can lose the inspiration and desire to live life to the fullest potential. This may not apply to many of you, but I'm also willing to be that a lot you can relate to this feeling. The loss of inspiration doesn't just apply to life in regards to be alive and breathing, but it also entails the various people, projects, and interests that we may be passionate about. Ever wonder why so many of us start things that we often don't end up finishing? From my perspective, a loss or lack of inspiration is probably one of the main reasons for many of us quitting on the things we care about most. I think it is hard for some to build up the drive to do certain things, but if and when it's developed, it's extremely much easier to lose.

As I stated earlier in the post, there is so much negativity happening out here in the world, but for all the negatives that are going on, there is also a lot of positive to match it. The biggest issue with many of us is that when we lose that inspiration for life that we develop through positive habits, we often allow ourselves to stay in a negative mind state whenever those moments of strife hit. There are so many channels and outlets that we can tap into for inspiration; we just have to look for them, and most importantly, we have to be willing to apply them. Now I know everyone isn't religious or spiritual, and that's something that I like to keep away from this blog. But for those of you that believe in a higher power regardless of who or what it may be, that can be one of the strongest sources of inspiration to help get you back into the game of life. There are also various motivational figures out there that we can draw inspiration from to get us back motivated. It doesn't matter who or what it may be as long as you're seeking it from a good place. From my perspective, I think one of the biggest keys to being inspired is to find someone or something that you don't want to let down or fail at, and use that as a source of inspiration for your life. The best part about this method is that it can be anything or anyone to give you inspiration.

We're coming to the end of this week's post, so the message that I've attempted to convey is clear and straightforward; there is always inspiration out there to be found. I know from personal experience that staying positive when things aren't looking so bright can be nearly impossible. From my perspective, it's okay to get down, but it's not to okay to allow ourselves to stay down. Inspiration is a lot like opportunities in a sense. Similar to opportunity, inspiration is out there, we just have to look for it. We're all individuals, so we will always have different things that make us tick and keep us inspired. Whatever those things and people may be to you, keep them important in your life as a form of inspiration. Before ending this post, I want to say that the will to want to quit whenever trying times come will be greater than the will to go on. However, with some discipline and added focus, I believe we can develop the necessary inspiration to overcome. I'll leave you all with a quote that I found that I feel gives credence to this post. Not sure who stated this quote but it goes; "To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible." Keep pressing forward my friends, and continue to stay inspired.

Well we've arrived at the end of the post, so I'd like to go ahead and thank you all once again for tuning into another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'. As always, I hope that there was some meaning and understanding that could be taken away from this post. I also hope that it serves as a bit of inspiration for anyone out there that may be needing it. If you have anything that you want to add on or contribute to this topic, feel free to drop your thoughts down below. Again, all feedback is welcome here. Well I hope you all have a great weekend ahead, as well as a great Halloween if you're one of those that celebrate it. Halloween is actually my mom's birthday, so despite me not being overly into Halloween as a holiday, I usually enjoy that day because of her. Alright I'm out everybody, so I'll see you all in the next post. Until then, I wish you all peace and positive thoughts.

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