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You Are More Powerful Than You Believe You Are (Great Power Brings Great Responsibility).

For those of you that are familiar with comic books or have seen the Spider-Man films, you have probably heard the classic phrase by Peter Parker's uncle Ben that goes; "With great power comes great responsibility." Even if you may not be as familiar with the Spider-Man franchise in general, you've still probably heard this statement being mentioned somewhere. I believe one of the biggest reasons that this phrase resonates with so many people besides so many people being fans of Spider-Man has to do with how authentic it is. I believe that the true meaning of this phrase goes far beyond comic books and films; it deals with various aspects of our lives as well. While this phrase may be authentic and true to life, it is also true that many of us do not realize how powerful we truly are. I believe that the downplaying of how powerful we are as individuals comes from society's mistaken idea of what power is. It is a fact that much of our society equates power to things like fame, celebrity, status, etc. Not to take anything away from any of these forms of power, because in a sense, all of these can be indicators of power. However, I believe that an individual doesn't necessarily need to have all of these things to be viewed as powerful, nor are they the only requirements in order to have an added sense of responsibility to others. Regardless of who you are or where you are at in your life, you probably have some kind of responsibility that's been given to you. Whatever that responsibility is alone requires a sense of power to maintain, and regardless of who you are, you are more powerful than you believe.

Hey, how's it going ladies and gentlemen? It's ya boy Brad H. coming right back at you once again, and I'd like to welcome you all to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! I'm here once again for another week of giving my perspective on the various thoughts that cross my mind in my life. Like always, I take those thoughts and try to give them life through words that can hopefully inspire myself and anyone else as well. How have you guys been doing out there since the last installment? Things have been going okay for me since the last post. I'm pretty excited that the fall season is here. Those of you that stop through frequently already know how much that I'm not a fan of the summer anymore. The fall season is the time of the year where it's a lot more easier to get outside and actually enjoy being in nature. I'm also pretty excited that my Dallas Cowboys have started off the year with a 4-1 record. I'll be the first to admit that I was a bit skeptical about how well Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot would do, but they have both been pleasant surprises so far this season. Now I'm not one of those Cowboy fans that have gone all crazy due to the great start to the season. The schedule is definitely going to get a lot tougher going forward, and it starts this weekend when they face the Green Bay Packers. We'll see how good both Dak and Elliot are as the season carries on, but they've both performed exceedingly well so far. I know that Jerry Jones stated that Tony Romo will be the quarterback once he's fully healthy, but that may be a decision that he may want to give some more thought to. While I do believe Tony Romo probably gives them the best chance at going far from a playoff perspective, it may not be such a good idea to mess up the teams already good rhythm with the switch. We shall see what happens in due time. Alright, I've talked for a bit, so lets go ahead and talk about this week's topic of how you are more powerful than you may believe.

Like I always touch on in each of my writings, I realize that a person's individual viewpoint on any topic will vary. The objective here isn't to focus on what is considered right or wrong, but rather to hopefully give the people that read these posts something to think about and consider going further. I always want to point out that if anyone disagrees or feels differently than me about this or any other topics that I bring up, that is totally okay with me. I feel that we can all learn from each other as far as I'm concerned, so all thoughts and feedback aside of my own are always welcome here. So now for some brief insight into how this specific topic came about. Throughout the week last week or so, I had several thoughts about the phrase of how great power brings great responsibility. Coinciding with those thoughts was the thought I had that deals with the belief that so many of us tend to downplay our worth and value. The entire thought process of this is what led me to believe that this is something that I need to address in order to give those that maybe doubt how much power they have in this life to rethink that position. I want to help show others in this post that you don't necessarily have to be powerful from a materialistic standpoint to be powerful as a human-being. I'm a firm believer that it's the little things in life that matter the most, and it is often those little things that most of us overlook that can have a significant impact on the lives of others.

Now whether you believe this to be true or not, I feel that we all have some kind of responsibility. Of course we have responsibilities that deal with being able to sustain ourselves in life, but we also have a responsibility to our fellow humans. Maybe you have a responsibility to a child, your parents, or any other family member. If you happen to not have family related obligations, you probably have some kind of responsibility to a close friend. Finally, in the case that there's absolutely no one that you have a sense of responsibility to, you have a responsibility to yourself, which is ultimately the most significant responsibility that you'll ever have. See regardless of who you are, you are always going have responsibilities on some level or another for as long as you live. Now for the sake of this post and the point that I'm trying to make, I want to focus on the responsibility that we often have to others. Going back to what I stated earlier in this post, much of our society has what I feel is a skewed view on what power is, and there is what I personally believe is a myth to having power. The myth deals with the fact that being powerful can only come from high positions or the acquiring of certain material items. Again, I'm not trying to insinuate that those things aren't an indication of a powerful individual. I'm trying to show that those things are not the only requirement in order to be powerful.

From my perspective on this topic, if you have a responsibility to someone or something that's greater than you are, then you are already a powerful and valuable individual. One of the biggest mistakes I think many of us make is not always seeing the bigger picture in this life. Many of us get so caught up in ourselves that we often forget that we as a person is only a small link in a larger chain. We put so much value and energy into the superficial things that are considered to be "true power", that we often forget that the most ultimate form of power comes in the form of having a sense of duty and responsibility to others. Think of an army of soldiers as an example. They work together as a unit, and there are unfortunate instances where some of them may go down. However, the biggest thing is that they fight for a cause greater than themselves, which is why they should be viewed as powerful. This is something that I've mentioned in previous posts, but many people believe that much of a person's self esteem and value derives from the things they've acquired. I believe that anything that a person accumulates is a blessing, but are you able to share those blessings with others is the question? I believe that if you're a person that is able to do those things, then you are powerful. Again, this doesn't apply to material items; it deals with knowledge, wisdom, and being able to give things to others that don't have a price tag. In my personal opinion, this is the greatest form of power an individual can have, especially in a world where many people are so self-absorbed.

So the message in this week's post is pretty clear and straightforward. No matter who you are or where you are in life, you are more powerful than you can imagine if you are blessed with having the responsibility to something or someone bigger than you are. Many people are given responsibilities that they may not always want, which is something that most of us can attest that we've all dealt with that are some point. The thing to remember is that whatever responsibility that we have was given to us for a purpose, and I'm a firm believer that there isn't burden given to us that we can't at least find a way adapt to. We as people have to learn to embrace the responsibilities given to us, and always be mindful that there's great power that resides within to help us rise to the occasion of whatever of whomever we're responsible for. So to all my friends out there, don't ever believe or doubt that you are not a powerful person. More importantly, don't allow society to make you feel as if you're powerless for not having what everyone else has, or doing what everyone else is doing. In a world where the majority feels one way about certain things, being able to not listen to and get caught up all the hype is a power within itself. So never forget how powerful you are, and that great power brings great responsibility. Keep positive, and stay pressing forward everyone.

Well as in the words of the R&B group Boys II Men, "We've come to the end of the road." Nah I'm kidding, but we've arrived at the end of the this week's installment of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'. A big thank you goes out to everyone that joined me once again. I hope that there was some meaning and understanding gained from this post, and hopefully it served as a bit of inspiration to some of you out there. If you have anything in relation to this topic that you want to contribute, please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment box. The fall of the year is upon us, so wherever you are in this world, try to get outside and enjoy this great weather. I know that I'm definitely going to as long as it doesn't do any raining. I'll see you all in the next post, so until that time comes, I wish you all peace and positive thoughts.

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