Friday, January 8, 2016

Your Worth Isn't Defined By A Number.

Even from a very young age of life, the majority of people realize how big of a role that numbers have on our lives. Numbers are just as important to life as the alphabet, and it can even be debated as to which of the two is the most important. Whether its dealing with academics, money, age and etc, numbers will continue be involved in our days daily. While numbers are understandably a crucial aspect of life, I've come to notice how often that we as a society define people by numbers. This particular thought has been weighing pretty heavily on my mind as of late, and whenever that starts to happen, I have to use this platform to address my individual thoughts about whatever it is. Since much of society defines others by numbers; something that I've come to wholeheartedly disagree with, I'm going to be addressing why I feel that a person's worth shouldn't be defined by numbers.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! Welcome to the first edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective' for 2016. We made it guys! Although 2016 is still brand new, I hope that the new year has been peaceful and positive for everyone thus far. I kinda slacked up posting these entries during the latter part of 2015, and for that I apologize. I was heavily involved in a few other things that I'm interested in, plus it was the holiday season, and I spent quite a bit of time with the relatives. I'm back again now however, and what better way than to get the new year started with being active on here active? I must say that I'm feeling pretty good so far into this year. One thing that has me feeling great is that my grandmother will be celebrating her 82nd birthday this upcoming weekend. I'm definitely happy about that, as well as some other positive things that have happened for me as of late. Alright, lets go ahead and get into why I feel that we shouldn't be defined by a number, or numbers.

Like I mention in all my entries on here, a person's individual viewpoint on any topic varies from person to person. The goal here isn't to focus on what is right or wrong, but rather having an outlet to express individual opinions on topics that will hopefully get others to think about and reevaluate. Now we all know that we live in a very materialistic society. This has been stated time and time again, almost to the point where it has become a broken record for most. I'm not saying that everyone views the world in this manner, however, society in general normally defines people by the amount of wealth a person has acquired, as well as the kind of material possessions a person obtains. Now I'm not going to say that none of this isn't important. There definitely are certain things that could be classified as "materialistic" that are required in order to survive in this world, and money for a prime example is one of them. A person would be naive to believe that money doesn't have a degree of importance in life.

Now what do material items, money, cars, etc all have in common? Yep, you guess it; they are all defined by different amounts, which means that they are essentially numbers beyond the purposes they serve. As I mentioned previously, numbers are important in everyday life, and since the things I mentioned involve numbers, they are of course important as well. While all of that is fine and dandy, here is the issue that stems from the root of this topic. While numbers are important to life, the over-emphasizing of numbers has created a system where we as a society has come to devalue other individuals as human-beings. We are tying a person's worth to superficial things, which in turn is causing us to look at our fellow men and women only as being numbers. It's almost as if the less a person has from a monetary standpoint, they are viewed by society as being worthless. This isn't cool in my opinion, and this way of thinking has seriously messed up our psyche.

One of the biggest examples of this that I can think of off top is the whole number system that we've created in regards to how a person looks. We've become a society that uses a scale of 1 through 10 to evaluate how physically attractive a person is. Of course a 10 (aka a dime piece) means that a person is super attractive, and a 1 means a person isn't. Now take a moment and think about that for a second. We're judging other HUMAN-BEINGS on something that they cannot even control. Do you even realize how shallow minded that is? Yes, I understand that everyone isn't going to be the apple of a person's eye, but isn't beauty supposed to be in the eye of it's beholder? Despite all of that, I personally think that it's wrong to rate others by something they cannot control due to a shallow and superficial scale that society has made up. I realize we've all been young and probably done it before at some point, however, that doesn't mean that it's necessarily right.

From my perspective, we need to try getting back to a time where things were much simple. A time when people didn't judge a person's worth by superficiality. Humans shouldn't be viewed like items that you purchase at a store with price tags. If you're a person that feels down from time to time because others have made you feel you're not attractive or rich enough, just remember that your worth isn't defined by a number. You are still a human-being and regardless as to what your age or social status is, you can still contribute to the greater good in some way. Invaluable qualities like knowledge, wisdom, and character; things that a good portion of society is lacking today, can be way more important to the greater good than a beautiful face and nice body. Going out of your way to help others by volunteering, or doing something nice for the elderly can be just as important than how much money you have in your bank account. If you care bout numbers that much, how about counting how many times you've helped others. In the end, the only numbers that really matter are the number of times you contribute to something or someone bigger than yourself.

Well I believe I got my point across in this entry, so I'm going to go ahead and bring this to an end. Thank you once again for joining me on another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'. My hope is that there is some meaning and understanding gained from this entry, and even if there isn't, I still appreciate those of you that stopped by. Happy New Year to you all again, and I'll see you all in the next one. Peace!

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