Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Has Society Confused Being Weird With Being Unique?

He is such a weirdo! She does some of the weirdest things! Those people are so weird! Sound familiar? I'm pretty positive that the majority of us have been viewed as weird by others at sometime or another. Most likely, in the event we're not being referred to as weird by other people, we've all at the very least been around people doing the weird talk of others. When we're not listening to others referring to someone else as weird, then we're the ones likely participating in the weird talk of others ourselves. So much "weirdness" that I'm starting off with this post today right? With so much weird talking of others going on within our society, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between being weird and being unique. Then again, depending on how you view things, maybe the two are one in the same. I personally believe there is a difference among the two, and I'm going to shed a bit of light on why I think that is.

What's good people? Welcome to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Hope everyone has been doing great as of late. Like I always say in my blog entries, I greatly appreciate those of you that have taken out the time to stop by once again. It has been a month or so since I've posted, so I'm back at it again with another one of my perspectives on a topic that I've been pondering on for quite a bit. In this entry, I will be giving my viewpoint on the whole weird vs. unique debate. Then again, since I don't really see or hear a lot of people debate this topic, I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a debate. It is however a topic that I've discussed with several people, and I do believe that there is some merit within discussing a topic such as this one. Lets get right to it!

As with any topic that can be discussed or debated, a person's individual viewpoint will always vary to what that individual thinks. My goal isn't to focus on being right or wrong, but rather coming to a space where there is a mutual respect among others opinions, despite having disagreements on those opinions. Just wanted to make sure that I threw that out there before going any further. Now I personally have somewhat of a problem with the whole weird vs. unique argument. My problem with this topic isn't just narrowed down to the fact that I'm certain there are people that view me as being weird. I'm totally fine with that if that's what someone feels. My biggest issue with this topic is that I think many of us mistake being uniqueness for being weird. Since I feel like this is happening so often in today's society, I think that a lot of people are being unfairly categorized into being something they're truly not.

Speaking for myself only, I see unique and weird as two fairly different traits. When I think of the word unique, I think of different in a good and positive way. The word weird doesn't necessarily come off as bad to me, but it doesn't evoke the good emotions I feel when I think of someone being unique. This is an assessment I think many of us can agree with. I say this because lets be honest here; most people that are classified as being weird by others are seldom viewed in a positive light. The majority of the time when we hear someone referring to others as being weird, it is normally some bad or negative. Now since I believe that many individuals that are simply unique and different in a good way and are being confused with being weird, these individuals are often avoided by those that view them as being weird. The end result is that a lot of people that are simply misunderstood by society are the mains one who end up being ostracized.

We all are individuals with our own identities, which means that we are all unique regardless. I'm not just talking about being unique in our skin tones, looks, etc. We're all unique in the things we enjoy, the values we have, the ways we think, etc. Being unique individuals is what differentiates us from being just like everyone else, and just because a person is unique, it doesn't mean they're weird. Think about this for just a second; what would the world be like if everyone dressed the same, liked the same exact things, and done everything the same way? That sounds like a pretty stale and boring society to me. From what I see on a daily basis, it almost feels like a person is instantly viewed as being weird if they're not doing what everyone else in society is doing. A person shouldn't be doing everything that society is doing just to gain approval from others. We should be marching to the beat of our own drum, and doing the things that make us happy regardless of what it looks like in society's eyes.

From my perspective, people that commit mass murders and crimes are weird. People that molest and hurt others are weird. People who have no compassion, and will belittle others to feed their own egos are weird. People that engage in these things I mentioned are weird in my eyes. Why, you may ask? I view them as weird, because they hurt others, and are not helping or adding anything to society. People that may dress differently from the normal, have views that aren't mainstream, or choose to stay home instead of going clubbing every weekend aren't hurting nor bothering anyone else. They're not stepping on anyone else's toes, so why are they weird? We have to open our minds and become more tolerant of how others live their lives. If the way a person lives isn't affecting you personally or hurting anyone else, then that person isn't weird in my opinion. Finally, if you're a person that lives an unconventional lifestyle, never allow others to make you feel weird because you're not like everyone else. Continue to let your individual uniqueness define who you are.

I believe I've gotten my point across in this post, so I'm going to go ahead and wrap this one up. Thank you again to those of you that tuned in to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'. My hope is that some meaning and understanding was gained through this post and even if there wasn't, I still appreciate you reading. Thank you for your continued support, and I'll see you all in the next one. Peace!

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