Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don't entertain people who aren't worth your time.

Alright alright alright. What's good people? It's ya boy Brad H. coming back at you once again. Welcome to another edition of "Brad H.'s Perspective". As always, I appreciate all of you who take out time from your day to check out these blog postings. It's a rainy Saturday here in Texas, but it's totally fine with me. Just being able to wake up and be able to see that rain is a blessing in itself. Hope everyone else is having a great Saturday also. Alright it's time to get into this weeks topic. It deals with giving attention to people who don't deserve it. Lets get into it!

In this thing called life, we are bound to meet various kinds of people. Some of the people we encounter will be individuals that we connect instantly with. Then there will be others who will develop into good friends of ours. We also have a selected few with whom we will develop an even deeper connection with. This world is like a melting pot full of personalities and people with different qualities. Many of us try to see the good in people that we encounter, and I personally think that admirable. I will admit myself that I try to find the good in everyone that I talk to. However, it's a known fact that not everyone you talk to or become involved with, will be worth your time.

I simply make this point because it appears to be happening all too often these days. So many people are worried about and stressing over people who quite frankly aren't worth the stress or energy. Many people are placing other people, who don't even seem to respect them enough on too high of a pedestal. The same high standards and regards that you give to others, you should be giving to yourself FIRST! I mentioned this in a previous blog post, but it can't be stated enough. All things including your happiness, starts with you first. It's just amazing to me how some of the most beautiful individual's, especially on the inside allow their feelings and emotions to be cheapened by others, who just treat them any kind of way. It's hard to watch sometimes, and it needs to change.

We as a people need to have more confidence in who we are. Don't entertain people who aren't worth your time. Focus on being the happiest person that you can be, and then try to surround yourself with people who do mean you well. It may take quite some time to do this, and you may have to endure a period of loneliness. However, it's definitely worth the time. We have to weed out all of the weak links in our lives in order to find the genuine and sincere people. Time is valuable, and it shouldn't be spent on people not worth it. In closing I'll just say that people will come and go, and often times you'll be let down by others. Regardless to what others say about you or do to you, you can always rely on yourself.

Well that's it for this weeks edition of "Brad H.'s Perspective". As I've mentioned in previous postings, these words are meant to inspire all including myself. Nobody is perfect, and I'm far from it myself. Many of us are all in the same struggle, so we have to spread positive messages and encourage each other. I always find that I'm always encouraged when someone leaves me great feedback. Hopefully "Brad H.'s Perspective" encourages you as well. Well I hope everyone enjoys the rest of this Saturday, and we'll be back at it again soon. Till then; peace, love, and blessings to all.

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