Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why don't people listen?

Hello once again. It's me Brad H coming back at you again. Hope all is well with everyone. Quite a few exciting things have happened since the last time I posted. First, we had the start of the NFL season, which is always an exciting time for sport fans. We also had the highly anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz, that occurred on September 17th. Being a sports fan in general, I must say that I'm pretty hyped for the football season. I'm also doing fantasy football this year. It hasn't started out too well for me so far though. I hope to be able to keep you all posted in the future though.

Tonight I want to ask something that has been on my mind recently. Why is it that people don't listen, and take us seriously at times? Do you ever find yourself becoming frustrated when you are speaking about something passionate to you, only to find out that others don't take you seriously. It's almost like they look at you as a joke, or like someone who doesn't know anything. I'm sure most of you who reads this has encountered people like this at sometime in your life. Now I don't claim to know everything by any means. However, I tend to think that when I speak about certain things or topics I know what I'm talking about. For one, I do my research on things that are passionate to me. I try to be well informed on things that I speak about with others. I give others respect when it comes to their thoughts and opinions, even though I don't receive that respect back at times. Basically I try to do unto others as I would like done to me. However, some people still tend to block out and ignore things on my mind.

I was told earlier today by a close family member that they couldn't take me seriously when it came to a certain topic we were discussing. It kinda upset me, but I kept my cool. That's one thing that I enjoy about this blogging thing. I'm able to get things off my mind regardless as to whether people choose to read or not. I don't intend to sound arrogant when I say this, but I'm pretty sure some of these people who don't listen to me or take me seriously, they will someday. It makes me think about something my grandmother has told me several times before. She says the Bible says; "take your enemy and make them your footstool". A lot of people treat mistreat and disrespect others, but these are the same people you may end up needing someday. I haven't seen it fail yet. That's definitely something to think about. Well that's my post for tonight. Hope anyone who reads enjoys, and feel free to leave thoughts or feedback. Well take care everyone, and I'll be back soon. I'm out!

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