Thursday, September 8, 2011

All kinds of family.

Yo, yo, yo! It's me Brad H. once again. Hope everyone is doing well. This time I'm writing about something that has been on my mind recently. For anyone who reads or follows me often, you probably recall a post last year I wrote about how your family can sometimes be your biggest enemies. The key board in that statement is the word "sometimes". I don't feel that our relatives are always our biggest enemies, but I do feel that in some cases they are. Some even hold us back from reaching our full potential. Some of us fail to realize that there are all kinds of family around us. What do I mean when I say all kinds of family? A person doesn't have to be a blood relative in order to be classified as family. Think about it, people adopt and take in kids all the time and raise them as their own. You may a childhood friend who is like a brother or sister to you. Another example can be a mentor who you look up to as a father or mother figure. People so many times associate the word "family" with blood relatives. Now me personally, I have friends that are like family to me. I find that these friends are easier for me to talk to than some of my own blood family members. There are all kinds of family in this world. We just have to find people who understand us, and accept us for who we really are. That is the true definition of a family member. Don't always let your blood relatives hold you back, and give you the impression that you should stick by them even when they are using you. Well that's it for this time. Hope anyone who reads this enjoys, and feel free to leave thoughts or feedback. Till next time peace, love, and respect to all.

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