Friday, March 3, 2017

Seeing Our Struggles As Tests Of Our Character And Will (Things Can Always Get Worse).

There is a phrase that my mom once said to me as a child that I highly doubt I'll ever forget. I'm sure that most of you have heard this phrase or one of the many variations of it mentioned as well. "You don't ever wanna test worse" is the phrase that I'm referring to. As I mentioned, there are various ways of saying that things can always get worse, but this particular phrase was the one that my mom used to say to me whenever I would complain about certain things that weren't going well for me at a particular time. As I child I didn't totally grasp what exactly she meant by those words, however, now as a more wiser young adult, I can honestly say now that I understand what she meant. It is indeed true that many of us do not realize that while as bad as things may be going for us at a particular time, things can always get even worse in our lives. Because our judgement and rationale is often clouded whenever things aren't going well, we fail to see that sometimes as bad as things may be at that moment, they're often not as bad as we think. Not speaking for anyone else, but I'm personally beginning to see that a good portion of the struggles that we consistently endure are tests. From my perspective, these are tests of our character and will to keep pushing forward.

Hello once again good people. How has everything been going for you all? It is me Brad H. coming back at you all once again with another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! For anyone out there that reads regularly, thank you for stopping by once again, and I'd like to extend a big welcome to those of you that may be here for the first time. No matter who you are or how often you've visited here, I hope that you all have been doing well and staying positive since the last posting. Don't really have a lot to talk about this week besides the topic at hand. Next week on the 11th of March, I'll be celebrating another birthday. When March arrived a couple of days ago, someone asked me if I was excited for my upcoming birthday. Because I don't really display an overly enthusiastic type of persona when it comes to my birthday, I told them that it is just another day. But the truth is that I subtly always look forward to my birthday, but not for the reasons that most people do. While I do see it as just another day, I truly value what they signify as you get more and more them under your belt. For me personally, the importance of birthdays transcends partying, drinking, etc; but it signifies me being thankful for being here in a time where so many people are dying young. So while I don't get all hyped in ways that others do when it comes to birthdays, you can trust that I'm truly grateful. Alright, lets go ahead and talk a bit about viewing struggles as tests of character and will.

As I normally do before discussing my topics, I want to point out that a person's individual viewpoints and thoughts will always vary. The general concept with these posts isn't to focus on what is considered right or wrong, but rather to encourage others to view various topics in a manner that they may not have before. I never expect everyone to share the same views as I do, however, I do hope that the way I view certain topics can leave others with something to walk away thinking about more. If anyone has any comments or feedback on this or any other topic, please feel free to drop them in the comment box. As for insight on how this topic came to be for this week's installment, there isn't anything in particular that I can point to that made me want to write about this. You know what, scratch that; while I'm sitting here thinking about it, I can definitely say that there is something that I can point to that made this come to fruition. Of course my thoughts were the main factor, but I would say that I have taken notice recently on how some people that I know have been reacting to the various struggles they're facing. I'm in no way judging them, in fact, I would say that their resolve has served as inspiration for me. It is not only been inspiration for this particular post, but also for my life as well.

Now we are all aware that we're all going to face struggles throughout various times in our lives. Similar to death and taxes, struggles are something that none of us can entirely escape. Saying that kinda makes me think of what the late actor Carroll O'Connor said to one of his officers as police chief Bill Gillespie on the classic show 'In The Heat of the Night'. I can't recall it exactly at the moment, but it was something along the lines of; "You tell me how anyone who's above the ground is done with their suffering." We're also aware that some of us will have similar struggles, and there will also be occasions where our struggles differ from others. That said, one thing that is will always be different is how we react to our struggles. I may view a particular challenge that I'm facing one way, and you may view that same challenge in a completely different manner. That the beauty of us being different as individuals and thinking for ourselves. Now as I stated earlier, many of us understandably so find our judgement clouded whenever we're facing challenges. I think this often causes us to forget that while things aren't good at the moment, there is always worse that can happen. For this reason, I believe that those of us that experience this during our struggles must learn to see our struggles tests.

Now as I've stated several times earlier, our rationale is often clouded whenever we're facing a difficult challenge. This often causes us to see whatever challenge that we're enduring as more than what it really is. Think of that phrase that we've all heard that goes "You're making a mountain out of molehill." This is exactly what many of us do by no fault of our own do at times. This way of thinking is reacting not only doesn't help the situation that we're in, but it can be damaging to our psyche when it comes to being able to handle future challenges. I want you to consider this for a second; Imagine that you have suffered a disappointment in your life. Maybe you got rejected by someone that you're interested in, or maybe you didn't excel at a project that you wanted to do well at. Both of these examples can be disappointments right? But, when you think about suffering a medical scare that nearly took your life, or having to find out that someone that you love has just passed, those aforementioned things that I used as examples don't compare right? This is why I'm saying that the struggles we face are often tests. There are always greater struggles that we will have to face, and how can we be able to meet them if we're allowing troubles that don't compare to keep us down? Something to think about isn't it?

Now I'm in no way saying that any of us should perfect being able to handle hardships in our lives. Again, and I want to be sure to make this clear, we all process and see things differently. The point I want to get across is that it is entirely up to us as individuals how we process and handle the struggles in our lives. I frequently talk about the power of our minds on this blog, and a topic such as this one all comes down to changing the way we process things. From my perspective, the reason it is so important to see struggles as tests comes down to knowing that regardless of how bad things may be, they can always get worse. There is no way to fully prepare for certain things that may happen in life, but I do know that if we allow ourselves to be taken down by the challenges of life, we will probably not be able to meet the bigger ones in the future. Like I stated earlier, these struggles we endure are some of the greatest tests of character we will face. Will we pass or fail is the question. I'm going to end this topic with a quote from Thomas Paine. The quote doesn't necessary deal with things getting worse, but rather the sense of accomplishment we can experience with going forward from them. It quotes goes; "The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

Well that is all for this week folks. Big thanks to everyone that came through for another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! As always, my hope is that there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this topic, as well as the rest of the topics I've come on here to talk about. I'm just trying to do my part in spreading a little bit of motivation to others. Again, if anyone has any thoughts or feedback to contribute, please feel free to do so below. Well I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead. Got a 5K race tomorrow, so that should be pretty fun. I'll probably talk about that some in the next post. I will have also turned another year older by the next time, so I'll be sure to talk about that some as well. I'm gone folks, so until next time, I wish you all peace, wellness, and positive thoughts. See you all in the next one.

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