Thursday, November 24, 2016

Where You Are Now In Your Life Is Just A Snapshot Of A Bigger Picture.

I think that most of us have moments in our lives where have questions as to why we're dealing with certain things. Whether those moments may be for better or for worse, there will always be questions and curiosity in regards to why certain things happen to us. Now in my opinion, this logic applies to everyone, and isn't limited to how old or young a person may be. However, I believe that the various questions on why we may be where we at in certain point of us lives is something that younger adults ponder on more than the older generation. Now I'm in no way saying that older people don't question things about their lives. But from what I've noticed in my time on this Earth, the more older and mature people generally know how to handle life issues better than the youth. Today's generation of young people deal with all sorts of temptations and pressures to succeed in life, and this invisible bar of reaching the standard of success that society has set leaves many of the youth feeling mentally and emotionally unsettled. I believe that this is something that many people can probably relate to regardless of what your age may be. Now while I do believe it's perfectly normal to have questions as to why we have have to individually deal with the less than ideal conditions that life may throw at us, I feel that falling into the pit of believing that the way things may currently be in our lives will always be that way is a huge mistake. Some people may already get this, but for those that may not, we have to change our mindsets. We have to realize there's a big picture going on, and that where we are now is only a snapshot of something bigger.

YO! Hey everybody, how's it going? It's your ace Brad H. coming through once again, and I'd like to welcome you all to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! For those that may not already know how things go on here, I come on every other week to give a personal perspective on the various thoughts and ideas that I think about on a regular basis. I try to take those thoughts and put them into words that can hopefully serve as an inspiration to others, as well as motivation for myself. I normally take this time to get on my soapbox and talk about something outside of this week's topic, but I really don't have much that I wanna speak on. This is Thanksgiving Day, so I'd like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. I know that many of us look forward to this holiday because of the two F's; football and food. However, there are are two more F's that are way more important and valuable; family and friends. I'm not taking anything away from the food and football aspect, because lets face it, most of us love them both. However, just remember to keep things in proper perspective, and know that both food and football are temporary pleasures. The family and friends aspect of Thanksgiving is what gives us a more long term happiness. So go ahead and feed your bellies on this Thanksgiving, but most importantly, feed your soul by interacting and enjoying the people that mean the most to you. We're quickly coming to the end of 2016, but remember that there is still an entire month left after this one. Basically what I'm saying is not to wait until 2017 to work on bettering yourself with things that can be done today. Alright guys, I'm done with my little rant, so lets go ahead and get into this week's topic on current circumstances only being a snapshot of a larger picture.

Now before I get into the heart of this week's topic, I always let it be known on here that a person's individual viewpoints will always vary and differ from others. The idea here isn't to focus too much on what is considered to be right or wrong, but rather to encourage us as a people to think about topics more in depth. Now if anyone disagrees or feels differently than I do on this topic or anything else posted on here, that is perfectly okay, as well within your right. All thoughts and feedback is welcomed here, and the promotion of learning from one another is something that can have a great impact on our lives. Now for how this topic came about, I have to give a little bit of credit to my younger sister for the inspiration to write this. I had a conversation with her earlier this week where she expressed some concerns about a few things that she is dealing with in her life. During the conversation, I found myself telling her several times that everything is going to be okay, and that where she is at in her life is just a snapshot. That conversation with her inspired me to come on here and talk about the importance of why it is important to see that there's a bigger picture. Furthermore, I know that this is something many of us wrestle with, and I hope that I can bring a perspective that others can relate to. I'm far from perfect myself; I'm not an expert, and I definitely do not have all the answers. However, this is a topic that I've thought about frequently, which makes it important to me. Since it is of importance, sharing my thoughts can't hurt too much right?

One thing that I can definitely say about this week's topic is that it is fairly straightforward. The substance of a topic of this nature is something that most of us is aware of, but despite that awareness, sometimes we need reassurance to keep our minds in the proper state of mind. Now as I stated earlier, we all have moments in our lives where we may ask questions like; "Why is this happening to me?" Another popular question we ask ourselves when things feel like they are falling apart is, "Why me?" These are a couple of the examples as to the questions that we ask ourselves when we're in the midst of the tests that life throw at us every so often. I believe that it is human nature, as well as perfectly normal for us to get down on ourselves whenever things aren't going to our liking. Where the problems enter for us in regards to this topic is when we begin to look at what is going on in our lives at that particular moment, and then developing a false mentality that what is happening now will always be that way. It's like we become way too entrenched within that moment to see that it's temporary. Think about this for a second; whenever things may be going good, we're happy right? We tend to feel good within our minds because for that period of time when things are going great, there isn't much to worry about. Now twist it around and think about how most of us react when things aren't that great. Do you see the similarity? Although being happy and sad are two different things, the thing they have is common is that they are driven by how we as individuals react to things. More importantly, they both are often temporary, which means that no one person will likely always be happy, just as that same person can't always be sad.

Now although this post is primarily focused on the importance of seeing the larger picture from the standpoint of when things may not being going as well for us, I feel it was important to show that the same reasoning also applies when things may be going great also. From my perspective, the thing is that we often allow the negative that may be going on in our lives to overshadow the positive, but that's something that I'll likely discuss more in depth in later blog entries. Now as I pointed to earlier in the post, much of what this entry is about has to do with the younger generation and their desire to achieve greater things. Something that I've talked about in previous posts is how we often compare our situations to others. We're all guilty of this at times, but I think that this really applies to younger people that may be trying to keep up with their peers. From my perspective, there's an obvious reason why so many of us fail to see the bigger picture. See, whenever things aren't going all that well, it's hard for most people to think clearly. The constant negativity often clouds our judgement and reasoning, which in my mind leads to why we can't see that there is often a larger plan for our lives at work. For example, think about a photo album right? Each picture in the photo album is only a snapshot, but each snapshot changes with each turning of the page. As you scroll through and turn the pages of the photo album, the pictures also change, which means that our lives are constantly changing. One particular snapshot doesn't define your entire life, and change is always possible.

So what is the remedy for shifting our focus to the larger picture in regards to our lives? I personally feel it is important for us to have the presence of mind to know that tough times don't always last. This is something that we should be reminding ourselves of on a daily basis. Of course this can be very difficult whenever things aren't going so well, however, it is something that I feel can be done with some added focus. We also need to realize that every emotion that we feel whether it's for good or bad is based on what is happening at the moment, which means it is often temporary. Try not to get caught up too much in the moment if you're in the midst of a storm, but rather focus on what could possibly be at the end of that storm when you weather it. Finally, know and take solace in the fact that there is always something bigger taking place that we may not always be able to see. The only thing we can focus on is doing our part to better ourselves, and I think the rest will take care of itself. I'm going to close out by leaving a quote that I think defines why we should be aware that there's a bigger picture. The quote comes courtesy of Damon Albarn. "No, every album is something like a snapshot. It only shows one moment in time. It shows what we feel and think right at that point in time, nothing more and nothing less." Keep on staying positive my friends, and keep on trying to press forward regardless of where you are in your life.

Well we've come to the end once again. Big thanks to all of you that took out the time to read another installment of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'. As always, I hope that there was some meaning and understanding that could be taken away from this post, and I hope that it was able to serve as source of inspiration to someone out there. If you'd like to add or contribute anything in regards to this topic, feel free to drop something in the comment box. Well we're nearing the end of the month of November, and 2016 will be out of here real soon. Again, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and remember to be thankful always. We may not always have all the things we want in this life, but most of us have all the things we need. Even if you feel that doesn't apply to you, you have life if you're reading this, so be thankful for that. Alright I'm out guys, so I'll see you all in December. Until then, I wish you all peace and positive thoughts.

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