Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Life, and Learning to Take the Good With the Bad.

"I love it when a plan comes together." Remember that classic line from the 'A-Team' television show? If not, then don't fret, as that quote has little to do with this week's topic. Just thought I'd throw it in there for nostalgic purposes. Although I do love a well thought out plan in general, I also love whenever I come across a topic or discussion that gives me something to think more in depth about. Some people say that thinking too much can be a bad thing, and I do agree with that to some extent. However, when we're thinking about things that can maybe challenge some of our views and help us to see the world a bit differently, then I don't necessarily see it as such a bad thing. I came across a Youtube video awhile back that really got me to thinking about life and the pros and cons that come along with life. Viewing this particular video kinda got my mind to thinking a bit and when that starts happening, it means that it's time for another 'Brad H.'s Perspective' post.

What's up good people? Brad H. back at you once again with another blog post. Hope everyone is doing well and continuing to maintain. So this week we'll be talking about the pros and cons of life, and how we sometimes just have to take the good with the bad. I think that's sometimes important just for our sanity ya digg? Since every single choice that a person will make throughout their lives will have consequences, I felt like this would be a good topic to give my thoughts on. Alright then, lets go ahead and get into the meat of this post. Now we're all aware that the majority of people in this world bask in the glory whenever they do something deemed as good, or whenever something good happens in their favor. Everything and everyone is happy whenever life is going good right?

This way of thinking is quite normal, as most humans from an emotional standpoint often respond to whatever is going on around them. When things are good people are generally happy, and when things aren't so good, people generally feel down and out right? Of course this doesn't apply to everyone. There are always people in this world that are going to find a way to be happy regardless of what is going on. On the flip side, there's always going to be those that see the worst no matter what. I personally think that we don't always fully grasp the true understanding of the pros and cons that come with life, especially when they relate to the choices and decisions that we make in life. It appears that most of us want only the pros when it comes to the decisions we make, but continuously gripe and complain about the cons that come along with our choices. I mean it's all fine and dandy to feel on top of the world when life is good, and it's also quite normal to feel down and out when things aren't going so well. However, we have to learn to be able to take the good with the bad, and realize that there are pros and cons to every choice that we make.

So what does it mean when someone says that there both are pros and cons with every choice that a person makes? Well it all boils down to one thing, and people that prefer not to take the good with the bad may not like this. The truth is there is no single decision in life that is all pro or all con. With every choice that's made, whether it's for the better or not, there's always going to be some kind of downside that comes along with it. Here's a prime example. Lets say that a person that hasn't been working out makes the decision to start going to the gym. This is definitely a choice that would be received as being positive by most people. You're making the effort to get healthier, and that's a good thing. However, in order to achieve your goal of being more healthier and looking more toned, you're going to have to put your body through some pain, which would probably be viewed as as one of the cons for the person that's enduring it. Some people love looking and feeling great, but hate the pain that they have to go through in order to get there.

It's been said time and time again, but the fact remains; we as people complain way too much. We often complain about the smallest of things, which most of the time are situations that we ultimately create for ourselves. We only want to be bothered with and take credit for the good in life, but we're so quick to run away from and reject the bad, especially when it's of our own doing. You ever notice how a lot of politicians and celebrities tend to be on their high horse when they're on top of the world, but try to humanize themselves whenever they makes mistakes like every human-being does? Pros and cons are all a part of life, and I think that people who really understand that are the people that have the potential to be well balanced in life.

I think I'm going to go ahead and end this week's post, so I'm going to close by restating that life is all about pros and cons. Every single decision that you make, regardless of how much it benefits you, will likely have a con that comes along with it. Instead of complaining about the cons that come along with the decisions that you have to make, embrace them as they are ultimately the result of something you chose. Just remember that you can't have it both ways in life. There will always be both a gift and a curse that comes from your decisions. All in all, you just have to be able to embrace both the good and bad things that can happen in life, and find a way for yourself to mentally find a balance.

Well that's it for this weeks edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'. As always, everything that I've mentioned applies to myself and how I aim to live my life. Whether you found some meaning and understanding from it or not, I appreciate you for taking out the time to read it. Alright, we're signing off for this week, so I'll see you in the next post. Spring is upon us, so try to get out and enjoy the weather. Till next time, peace!

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