Thursday, May 23, 2013

Complaining Is A Toxic Habit (Complaining With No Action).

Is it just me, or does it seems like the majority of people today complain way too much? It almost feels like there is something in the air or water that is causing people to hammer down on how certain things are or aren't happening in their lives. I know that we all complain and vent at times; wait a second. My bad, I think there is a difference between venting and complaining. Quite frankly, I don't see nothing wrong with venting at times. Key phrase in that sentence, 'at times'. I'd much rather be around a person that vents, rather than complains contantly. What's up peeps? This is your guy Brad H. with another concoction of 'Brad H's Perspective'. Thank you for lending your eyes to this blog post, and reading up on my thoughts.

Alright, so we're talking about how people complain so much these days. Complaining is a toxic habit in my eyes, and I try my hardest not to do it too often. First off, I want to start off with a question. Could someone please tell me what complaining constantly solves? I mean really, what does it solve? Now I have no problem with people that vent to others with their problems, as long as they're not overdoing it. Heck, lets face it, we all vent at times; we just have our different ways of doing it. However, one thing that really brings me down is people that complain constantly. The wild thing is that these types of people constantly harp, but don't seem to take any action. I'll give you an example.

I was watching this video on Youtube of a guy that I subscribe to on there. He issued a 100 push-up challenge in one of his videos, and he done 100 push-ups before challenging his viewers to do the same. After reading through the comment section of the video, many people were complaining about how he done the push-ups all wrong. So, what did he do? He uploaded another video, and done the push-ups the way that some of the viewers suggested to him. However, this time he told them not to say anything, unless they uploaded a response video of themselves doing the challenge. Guess what? People were still criticizing and complaining. What a surprise right? You got all these people not willing to do something themselves, but offering an opinion? Get out of here.

Now back to the subject. When I think of a person venting, I think of someone that may an issue going on. It may be a friend or relative, and they choose to talk something over with you. The main thing they probably want is just want you to lend an ear. After that, that's the end of it in most occasions. Nothing wrong with that. We all need guidance at times, and it feels good to be able to have genuine people that offer to lend an ear. But a person that complains all the time? Oh man they are the worse. These are people that come around with every single problem or issue that they're facing. They often don't take any actions to solve their problems, but instead attempt to bring you down because they are down. People like this are toxic in my opinion. I personally feel that anyone that genuinely cares about you wouldn't bring their drama into your life. The sad thing is that a lot of the people that we're close to are the ones doing this and because of that, many of us feel an obligation to them. Therefore, a lot of people put up with it when they normally would not.

The main theme that I want to get across in this week's post is that we need to stop all the complaining. It can become a bad and annoying habit, and it doesn't solve anything most of the time. If a person keeps it up, you're going to become a person that no one wants to be around. I can't speak for anyone else, but I can't stand being around a constant complainer. It totally kills my vibe, and I'm sure that it does the same for some of you. Instead of complaining so much, lets focus on taking action and solving our problems. Like the saying goes, "less talk and more action". I'm not saying that my view on this topic is right or wrong, just dissing out my two cents. I hope that there is some meaning and understanding taken from it. Well thanks again for checking out another edition of 'Brad H's Perspective'. I hope all is good and well with everyone. Keep the faith, and keep staying positive. See you all in the next one. Peace!

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