Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's All About You.

What's up once again people? It's your main man Brad H. coming back at you again with another edition of "Brad H's Perspective". As always, I want to thank everyone who takes out the time to check out these posts and have left positive feedback. It's always great to know that there are people out there who embrace and appreciate positive thinking. Before I get into this week's discussion, I want to give a shout out to a friend of mine in the Philippines named Marie. She has a blog titled "Lets Inspire", and a few weeks back, she invited me to contribute a post to her blog. You can find her blog here at this web address http://www.lets-inspire.com/. I felt honored that she asked for my input, and I'm even more honored that she invited me to contribute regularly based on the first blog post I had written. Gotta love how the Internet connects like-minded people from all walks of life. Anyway, check out her blog if you're able to. Alright this week's post is "All About You".

What do I mean when I say "It's All About You"? I mean that your life is all about you; literally. I was having a discussion with some friend's of mine last week, and we were talking about how people are always going to have something to say about you. It doesn't matter how good or bad of a person you may be, people will always have an opinion regarding you. Whether you're doing too much, or not doing enough, people will always find something to say about what you're doing, or what you're not doing. You can be the most popular person in the world, or you can keep yourself isolated from others, people are going to find something to say about it. The bottom line is that there is no way around it, people are going to talk about you. Guess what though; It doesn't even matter! All that matters is how you view your own life. It's all about you.

A lot of us get caught up in that frame of mind of worrying about what others think of us. Some people allow it to consume them to the point where they try living up to what others think. Now it's natural and quite normal to worry about what others think to an extent. Just because people talk and have an opinion, doesn't mean that it's always bad. When someone compliments or says something nice to us, it definitely has a way of changing our perceptions for the better. However, no matter whether opinions of others are positive or negative, they shouldn't determine nor play the final factor in deciding how you view yourself. You are the only person who has to be happy and content with who you are, so how you view yourself all depends upon you. Think about it like this. There are 24 hours in a day right? No matter who is around you or for how long, you're going to spend all of those hours with yourself regardless. In a way you can say that you're stuck with yourself, so you might as well focus on what you think rather than others.

So to sum it all up, just remember that it's your life, and it is all about you. Let people say whatever they want about you. You can't stop them from talking, but you have complete control over how you choose to react. A good portion of the people who say negative things about you aren't going to confront you about it, so try not to sweat it too much. Well that's all for this edition of "Brad H's Perspective". Thanks again to everyone for the continued love and support. I definitely got more ideas churning in my head, and more content coming. Be sure to stay tuned. Remember that none of us are perfect, and that many of us are a work in progress. The idea with this blog is not to judge or criticize, but to motivate myself and others as well. Till next time, Brad H out!


  1. Gotta love this piece, Brad! Ya know, I was that kind of girl before who always thinks of what others will say about the things I do and it's a big deal for me. It gave me the lowest-esteem of all. That sucks! But, as times go by... Some people who love me the most and saw me in my worst situation and still standing beside me inspired me that no matter what are the opinion of others shouldn't really affect me negatively. Instead I have to learn from them. I have also thought that since they really spend their precious time criticizing me, I must be that good, ain't I? :)

    Oh well. That's life is. The world is round. We gotta learn how to deal to some people and in the process, we gotta learn how to value our own lives.

    Thanks for the shoutout Brad and it's my pleasure. ♥


  2. Agree 100% Brad. One of my favorite saying is "It's none of my damn business what other people think about me." It really only matters what I think about me. Great post!