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Running Won't Always Solve Your Problems (Finding Contentment Within).

I'm sure that most of us have either said or heard someone else say the words; "I need a change of scenery." Maybe you've said or heard another person say something along the lines of; "I need to get away." These are just two examples, but there are many variations of ways for a person to imply that they want to get away. Now I'm a firm believer that a change of scenery is often necessary for growth. I also believe that we all need to get away from time to time. However, I believe that many of us confuse running from away from our problems for simply wanting to get away. We all know by now that we're going to presented with challenges and circumstances in our lives, but instead of just facing them directly, we often just choose to run from them. I believe that much of the need to want to get away stems from a lack of fulfillment from within us. It's almost similar to how when you see people looking for validation and acceptance from others. There is often a lack of contentment that exists within people that do this regularly, and the same applies to those of us that would rather run from our problems over facing them. I'm certain that we all know by now that constantly running from our issues won't always solve them. Facing our problems is always the most difficult option, but regardless of how we choose to handle them, we will likely never be at peace enough to face them if contentment within doesn't exist first.

What is going on people? It is your boy Brad H. back once again, and I'd like to welcome you all to another edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! As with the usual formula here, I hope that you all have been doing great in your individual lives since the last topic. It is time for another topic, and we have made it to another week of seeking motivation and hope to keep persevering in our lives. As for the weekly soapbox that I use at this point in my topics, I don't really have much to discuss. The NBA Finals ended nearly two weeks ago and as I suspected it would turn out, the Golden State Warriors are the NBA champions for the 2016-17 season. I guess I'll give my thoughts on that real quick. Now I've been pretty open about the fact that I don't care for either one of these teams. However, Golden State deserved to win the title this season in my opinion. I realize that a lot of people feel like they had a superstar team with the addition of Kevin Durant, and I personally believe that to be true. However, we must also remember that the Cleveland Cavaliers have several star players as well, including LeBron James. Now I do believe there is an obvious variance in the two teams when it comes to talent, but we have to remember that the Warriors won a title and went to a second straight NBA Finals before Durant got there. While I do believe that adding him to their roster made them a better team than Cleveland, we cannot ignore the fact that Cleveland also added veteran players to their bench. I only bring this up because I've seen people trying to say that the Warriors needed Durant to beat Cleveland. Again, they beat them two years ago, and I honestly believe they would have beaten them last year had Draymond Green not gotten suspended. The same way that people gave Cleveland their just due last season for winning it all, we have to do the same for the Warriors as well. Congrats goes to the Golden State Warriors. Alright, I'm done talking about the NBA for this season. Football will be here soon, so of course I'll be giving occasional thoughts on that. Now that I've talked about something besides the topic for the week, lets go ahead and get into how running won't always solve our problems.

As with the normal disclaimer that I give on every single topic that I discuss, I want address that we all have different ways of thinking and expressing our opinions. My objective with this and other topics isn't to focus on what is considered to be right or wrong, but rather to inspire and encourage others to see the topic in a manner that they wouldn't normally. It is perfectly fine if anyone happens to disagree with my perspective. All feedback and opinions that anyone may have on this or any of the other topics that I discuss are welcome here. Now for a bit on insight on how the topic for this week came to be. I have to give a lot of credit to one of my cousins' for inspiring this topic. It stemmed from a conversation that I was having with him a few nights ago during a late night drive. He was breaking down a topic that we had been talking about in a manner that I had never even thought about before, and it honestly inspired me. He is a very wise person, so it is not a surprise that he opened up my mind to something that I never considered before. Being that I feel that what he mentioned was something that I think could help others, I figured I would use it as a catalyst to express my thoughts here for others. Like always, anything that I talk about here applies to myself, so I'm in no way implying that I'm above any of this. As with anyone else that is alive and breathing, I face personal struggles as well. The goal is for us to hopefully conquer our struggles together.

Alright, so as I stated earlier, we all have those moments where we feel that we need an escape from our problems. Again, I believe that a change of scenery can be refreshing from time to time. Also, there will be times and situations where a change of scenery can't be avoid. A good example of this is when a kid's parents move from one city to another. The kid doesn't have much of a choice in the matter when it comes to leaving. All of the aforementioned examples deal with running, but not necessarily in a negative way. However, there are also ways that we often run that can be classified as being negative. Furthermore, running doesn't always mean leaving one place for another in the literal sense; it can also mean not wanting to face whatever issues that may be plaguing our lives. Since there are all kind of ways of running from our problems, I want to focus more on what I think may be the best way to avoid running. See when you really think about it, running really doesn't mean much if whatever problems you are having are following you. Problems are a lot like shadows; they pretty much go wherever you go, and you can't escape them as long as they exist. Rather than trying to run from our problems, I think we have to look to find contentment within ourselves.

You may ask yourself, what does being content within have to do with running from problems? From my perspective, being content has quite a bit to do with avoiding problems. You see, when a person is content within themselves, they have an understanding of their problems and how to face them. I believe that these are people that understand that although a person may be able to relocate somewhere else or change up your scenery, you'll never truly be fulfilled if you're not truly content within yourself. In my opinion, this is an issue that most of us suffer from. We have all these problems in our lives, and we feel that just running somewhere else will solve them. I want you to consider this for a second. Imagine someone that is in trouble with the law and have warrants out for their arrest. That person can escape from the city they're in and go somewhere else, but those warrants will follow them regardless of where they go. Similar to the problems that we choose not to ignore and not face, those warrants will never go away, and you'll always be looking over your shoulder no matter where you are. Furthermore, you'll never truly have the peace within that we all seek. You'll never be able to fully enjoy your life because you know that you are just one encounter from having even bigger problems in your life.

So what is the best way for us to find contentment from within? From my perspective, first, I think the obvious thing we have to do is acknowledge that there are issues in our lives. It is always easy to blame others and circumstances, but the hardest thing to do is take a hard look in the mirror at ourselves first. In my opinion, that is a paradigm that needs shifting. Secondly, rather than choosing to run, we have to work on fixing ourselves from the inside out. What I mean by this is that whatever issues that we're dealing with internally, we have to work on correcting them. This is definitely not an easy feat to accomplish, however, is is vital to at the very least put forth an effort to do this. I'll admit that none of what I'm saying here is easy to do, and it's likely more times than not that we will often choose to run rather than confront our problems. The goal here is to hopefully give ourselves the necessary inspiration to tackle whatever issues we're dealing with. Because the truth of the matter whether we like it or not, we will never truly be content or at peace without working on ourselves and like I stated earlier, internal issues will follow us regardless of where we go. The quote that I'm going to leave you all with that I think coincides with this topic is from someone anonymous, or I wasn't able to find the person. But the quote is simple, and I'm sure it is one that you've heard before. It goes; "Running away from your problems is a race you'll never win."

Well we have come to the end of another topic for the week. This was another week of me getting another topic out later than usual, but there was some personal things going on that need addressing first. But like they say, better late than never right? Well I'd like to thank everyone that stopped by for another viewing of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Like always, I hope there was some meaning and understanding that could be gained from this topic. If that doesn't apply to you, or if this topic didn't move you, it is totally fine and I appreciate you still. I hope that everyone has a great weekend, and an even better week ahead. Stay safe wherever you are, and try to be a positive as you can. Take care of one another, and be disciplined and resolute towards whatever aspect of your life that you're trying to improve. Alright, I'm gone, so I'll see you all in the next one. Till then, I wish you all peace and happiness. Peace!

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