Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Always Celebrate The Small Things In Life.

I'm out here trying to do big things yo! We're doing big things out there! We're out here making some seriously big moves! Does any of that sound familiar? I'm fairly positive that most of us have heard similar statements before. The society that we live in puts great emphasis on the word "Big". We've been conditioned to think big in nearly everything that we do, and although I think that having a think big mentality can be a positive mentality to have, I also feel that this mentality has become somewhat of a hindrance to us. While I feel that we should always think big and aim high in life, many of us have forgotten the importance of the small things that life offers us. It's fine and perfectly normal to have the "big" mindset, however, it is also important to celebrate the small things as well.

What's going on people? Welcome to another edition edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'! Like I always say in my posts; if you're giving this topic a read right now, I greatly appreciate you taking out the time to stop through. So for the topic this time around, I'm going to be talking about the importance of celebrating the small things in life. I'm also going to be discussing how reaching smaller goals can be helpful towards a bigger cause. This topic isn't anything new or profound, nor is it a topic that we haven't heard countless times before. However, there are always different ways and methods to address a specific subject, so I figured I'd go ahead and give my own personal perspective on this one.

Before we get into this subject, I want to state that the idea of thinking big or small varies from person to person. We're all individuals that have a different view of the world, so what is considered big or small for one person may be different for someone else. Now as I stated earlier in this post, we've been conditioned to think that doing or accomplishing something big is the best indicator of success. Most people equate the word "success" to something big. If you're a music artist and you're able to draw big crowds of fans to your concerts, then you're considered to be a successful artist right? If you're an athlete or sports team that is able to fill up arenas full of people, then you're successful sports franchise right? These two examples that I've given definitely personify success, but lets face it, most of us will never know what it means to be a big-time musician or athlete. Since most of us will never know how success on that large of a scale may feel, we have to define success on our own terms, which means that we have to measure it on a smaller scale.

Uh oh! I said view success on a smaller scale, so that must mean that I'm saying that we shouldn't think big or high aim high right? Wrong! See, many of us go wrong when we compare our success or lack thereof to others. We use what others have accomplished in their own personal lives as a benchmark for ourselves. There's nothing wrong with having a desire to model our own success in the shape of people that are already successful. However, the problem that can develop with this mentality is that we often feel as if we're a failure if we never reach that level of success that we've set as the standard inside of our minds. We've allowed ourselves to think and dream so big that we often overlook the small successes and accomplishments we've already reached. This is where the importance of celebrating the small things in life comes into play.

So what are the small things in life that are worth celebrating? Again, it depends on what you see as big or small for your life. From my own personal perspective, the small things are the things that do not necessarily have a monetary value. How much does it cost to give someone you care about a hug or kiss? How much will it cost you to visit with an old friend that you haven't seen in a long time? How much does it cost to attend someone's graduation? See where I'm going with this? Success doesn't always have to be defined as something big. If you're willing to go out of your way to help someone, or if you strive to have a positive impact on the world as a whole, then you're likely already successful; regardless of how small your accomplishments are compared to others. Even if you don't possess much from a material standpoint, something as small as the things I mentioned are worth you celebrating every now and then. Now lets briefly move onto the second point of view of celebrating the small things in life.

If you're trying to climb the ladder of success in reaching your goals in life, it's importance to celebrate each rung you reach on the ladder towards that goal. No matter how big or small a goal you've set may be, reaching that goal will not be an overnight process. In fact, getting to the top of your individual ladder can be a long and tedious process. This is why it's important that we celebrate every accomplishment we make towards that goal. From my perspective, when we celebrate and reflect upon those small steps towards larger goals, we develop a greater appreciation for those moments of reaching those bigger achievements even more. Additionally, when you accomplish and celebrate smaller things towards a bigger goal, it helps increase your drive and motivation to reach your destination even more. It's equivalent to gaining momentum towards something, which can be a valuable tool for us all.

I believe I've gotten the main points that I wanted to hit on out there, so I'm going to go ahead and bring this to a close. Just remember to be mindful and conscience of every positive thing that life has to offer you whether it's big or small. A celebration doesn't have to be a large, huge party, but rather a brief moment of reflection and appreciation. Remember to think and aim big, but take small strides on your journey. And, with those small strides, celebrate all you've achieved along the way. Well that's it for this edition of 'Brad H.'s Perspective'. I hope some meaning and understanding was gained from this, and I thank you all who have stopped by again. See you all in the next one! Peace!

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