Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Importance of Using Your Mind(Your State of Mind Determines a lot of things In Your Life).

The power of the mind. I don't believe that many of us are able to comprehend how powerful our minds can be. That may sound odd to some people, but it's really not that hard to believe. The fact that many of us fail to use our minds to it's full potential is evidence that we don't grasp the true power of our minds. Hello once again, this is ya boy Brad H. coming at you once again with another of 'Brad H's Perspective'. Thanks for taking out the time again to check me out. We're going to be discussing the importance of the mind, and how our state of mind determines a lot of things in life.

I first want to start out by apologizing for being on a brief hiatus. I ran in a 5K race this past Saturday, and I celebrated another birthday yesterday. I'm going to relate both of those experiences to what I'm going to discuss in this blog posting in a bit. It's amazing to me how powerful our minds can be. Our minds not only control how we calculate and form ideas, but it also controls our outlooks on life. I personally feel that our minds are the single most thing that can get us through anything obstacles that we're facing in life. I just think that we don't use it enough.

Here is a prime example. Since yesterday was my birthday, I was told by several people yesterday that I'm getting old. While it is indeed true that we all get older in age and body, I think that our minds are what age slower. Should I view myself as an old man because I'm getting older in age? Just because my number in years are increasing, doesn't mean that my mind doesn't think otherwise. There are some people in their 60's, 70's, and 80's who may view themselves as old in age, but not in mind. Like the old saying goes; "You're only as old as you feel." If you view yourself as being old, then you will be old. The mind plays in huge factor in various aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to health.

During the 5K race that I recently participated in, I felt myself getting winded around the last .75 miles left in the race. My body wanted to stop, but I allowed my mind to dictate how I would finish. People complain daily about their situations in life, and do not realize that a sound and strong mind can change your viewpoints and circumstances. A person can be without certain things that most would consider essential in life, and find peace through the power of their mind. We as a people need to rely on the power of our minds to get us through a lot of hardships in life. Does it require effort? Of course it does, but a stable and sane mind is worth it.

I challenge myself and everyone else to strengthen and learn the importance of using our minds. It's a powerful tool that can be a blueprint and guide through life. Everything doesn't have to be physical. We have to balance it all out with the mental aspect as well. Well that's it for this week's edition of 'Brad H's Perspective'. I hope you enjoyed the post, and hopefully it left you with something on the brain. Keep trying to be positive, and I'll see you next time. Peace!


  1. Hi Brad~I absolutely agree that our mind is a powerful tool. I love the uplifting, empowering spin you put on this topic. I have seen how my thinking has hurt or helped me in my life. Much better to live with positive self-talk during our journey here. Great post. Glad to be a new follower.

    1. Hey there Linda! I apologize for just now responding back. Glad to hear that you can relate to where I was coming from with this post. So glad to have you following me, and I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you!