Monday, January 17, 2011

Complaining solves nothing.

Hey what's up? Its ya boy Brad H one again. Hope everyone is doing good this time around. Hope that so far you are having a great and happy new year also. Hopefully everyone who has made new year resolutions have been sticking with them so far. I know I haven't lol. I have a couple of questions to ask this time around. Why do people think that complaining is a solution to a problem? Do you ever get tired of hearing people complain all the time? Are there people around you that complain constantly? I think of these questions because I see and hear people complain constantly about the smallest of things. I know its not my place to say whether or not a problem is small, but some of these people complaining have it good compared to other people. The fact of the matter is that complaining solves nothing. The time and energy that goes into complaining can be used for other activities. It can even be used to help solve whatever problems or issues you are dealing with in your life. I know that we all complain about things from time to time, but I challenge whoever reads this to make more of an effort to stop complaining. It doesn't look cute, and all it does is annoy the people that have to hear it constantly. Lets start being more appreciative of our lives and the things we do have, instead of focusing on what we don't have. Not to sound like a religious freak or anything, but I love the saying "Let it go and give it to God". If you can't change something, don't worry or complain about it. Well that is all I wanted to say this time around. Its been on my mind for awhile, and I thought it was time to write it down and get my thoughts out there. Hope all is well with everyone, and hope everyone is having a safe and prosperous new year. Take care everyone, peace.

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